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What should I must know?


Hi everyone, I have decided to give exam on last week of this month. I am getting 60-80 % average 70%. I want to know what information I must know so that I don't miss the content for exam. And I m nervous as I am not sure I am well prepared nor not. O plz zzz need advice from everyone. Thank you

When im about to take the test, i had doubted myself too, like if am i ready for this test or not, do i have enough knowledge do i need to pass this test, and so and so!!! My opinion is you never really know when your ready! Believe in yourself and take the test! Thats it! You spent years in nursing school, i would doubt you would fail. Gogogo!

I studied only saunders the red book CD part only, and the exam cram book! Then a week before my test i went over my math, sata, drag and drop, and lab values. Gud luck

Thanks JayjoMine, thanks for encouragement.

Very little of what I studied was actually on the test...I read the Kaplan book, did the Hurst Live Review, I got about 1/2 way through the Saunders book, and I signed up for an online program called RN Quiz. What really helped me was the reasoning of the answers to the questions that were in Kaplan & Saunders. It made me realize that I had to think differently about the way I answered the questions (this is one thing I think the Hurst Live Review lacks). That is just my opinion though.

Thanks iamleeann for info, well, I have just finished Saunders twice for content and I have taken the NCSBN 3 week plan but on that I am getting just around 65% only but hoping and praying that I will pass.