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    Nursing Student applicant help

    Hello! Right now, I am earning my prereqs at a community college in Idaho. I am a sophomore in college.I am very interested in applying to a prestigious nursing program, such as an ivy league. I am particularly interested in the University of Pennsylvania. How hard is it to get into their program as an out of state transfer? Last year, as a freshman, I got okay grades. I ended with a 3.2 gpa. I have learned my lesson, though, and I am shooting for all A's this year. I know that this is a high goal and last year's grades were low, but if I do exceptionally well academically, will I have a chance of acceptance at Penn? Besides school, I am a CNA, I am the president of a volunteer club, I am involved with student activities, sports, and I volunteer. I am planning on starting a health based club. Will these extracurriculars help me to get in? How can I improve my chances of getting great nursing schools? Do you have any other advice? Thanks!!
  2. futurenurse1657


    I wouldn't give up! I can't offer much advice on this one, but I hope that everything works out for you! Good luck!
  3. futurenurse1657

    Navy Nurse Questions

    Hi! I am finishing up my freshman year in college. I am planning on becoming a humanitarian aid nurse. I am thinking about joining the navy sometime in my career. Should I join the navy as soon as next year? Or should I wait until I earn my BSN so that way I can do more while I am in the navy? Can undergraduates apply for the Nurse Candidate program? If so, how does that work? Thanks so much!