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Just Curious- Any double majors out there?


If so...

How did you do it? What did you major in? What are you doing now?

Double majoring in nursing (BSN) and Literature with a minor in physics.

I am trying to do a biology degree along with my BSN. I will be in my last semester of ADN this fall and have all of my prereqs finished for my BSN, and I can start my BSN classes next summer. So while taking my nursing prereqs I took as many classes as I could. The classes I still need to finish up the biology degree have very limited offerings (schedule-wise) so the only semester of nursing classes I was able to take non-nursing classes was my first semester (of nursing classes). These last two semesters I couldn't take any additional classes toward biology degree due to schedule conflicts with nursing classes. I am hoping to finish up the biology degree after getting ADN...I should have a bit of extra time even while working on BSN (according to students already working on their BSN classes...I've been doing a little brain-picking ;) ) I figure I am going to have to, at most, go one semester longer than my BSN to finish the biology degree.

I seriously had just about everyone ask me why I was "bothering" trying for a second degree. I was afforded the opportunity to go back to school when they changed VA benefits so that spouses/children could use them. As far as I am concerned this is an opportunity of a lifetime for me...I am sucking up every single class I can get my grubby little mitts on LOL. Every single person I talked to at the college tried to talk me out of doing both. It's doable, it just takes some planning :)

Good luck to you! :D

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Nursing is a program, not a "major" - like other practice professions. There is usually not enough curricular flexibility to include courses needed for another major unless you go way over on the normal required hours for a degree.

Well at my school (Cal State Fullerton) Nursing is definitely a "Major", and it is possible to minor and major in other things simultaneously if you plan your schedule accordingly and possible take summer or intersession classes. Most universities have nursing majors, and most tech schools or private nursing schools have nursing programs. Different structure and opportunities for both!

I am pursuing a minor in Medical Anthropology in addition to a major in Nursing :laugh:

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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Not double major-ing but I am going for my BSN and am also going for a minor in cognitive science. Also, my community college classifies nursing as a program, but my university classifies it as a major. It may be different depending on the area/school.