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  1. Hello. I have now been in informatics for a year now. Three months in to this new position I was handed over Promoting Interoperability for my facility. This has been a complete whirlwind, I'm constantly in a state of confusion. I am always finding o...
  2. Hey guys - I just took a PCT job on a MS floor in preparation for my nursing career that will begin in January. I am absolutely terrified to answer the phone because I don't want to accidentally release information to the caller, such as if a certain...
  3. Graduating in 6 months - any job search advice?

    Thanks, Maggie. I emailed one of the HR reps that have their email listed in the hospital's website - one that a friend/current employee directed me to. I requested information on tech positions as well as new grad positions. I'm not sure if either a...
  4. Graduating in 6 months - any job search advice?

    Any help?
  5. Graduating in 6 months - any job search advice?

    Hey there. My name is Cory, and I will be graduating with my ASN in December. I expect these next 6 months to fly by very quickly, so I figured it's time to start my job search. My current goal is to work on a Med-Surg unit to start getting that exp...