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  1. Hi fellow nursing students and nurses, just need help with a drug calculation. The patient has been ordered 0.75g per oral Cephalexin. There are several strength available: 250 mg and 500 mg capsules. How would you prepare this dose? My answer in the first one is 3 capsules and the 2nd one is 1.5 CAPSULES. Could this be right? Can we administer 1.5 capsules? The question is not in tablet form. Please advise. TIA
  2. oh i see...in my case, i still don't have my SSN so considered no license yet. However, can i still apply to illinois? do i have to sit for another nclex exam? sorry, i'm just confused with this matter. thanks!
  3. hi guys, i'm planning to apply by endorsement to illinois. is it still possible to retain my cali license even if i endorse my license to another state? thanks for the time!
  4. Skates

    California and licensure for both PN and RN

    I would just like to carify if the validity expires w/in 3 years, does that mean I have to sit for another nclex exam again? oh no!! thanks.
  5. Skates

    California and licensure for both PN and RN

    Good day, Ms Suzanne. I'm a foreign-trained nurse in the Philippines. I recently passed my Ca nclex exam. With the ongoing retrogression here, I' worried because Cali has only 3 yrs. validity unless I provide them an SSN. I'm planning to file endorsement by licensure to Illinois. If ever, is it possible to have a dual licensure from 2 different state. Can I still keep my licensure from Cali and apply by endorsement to Ilinois? Thanks for your time and attention.
  6. It took me almost 7 months to prepare for nclex while waiting for my eligibility from Ca-BON. I studied Saunders compre for the contents and used Kaplan Trainer alone for test taking strategies and practice tests. In my case, it was a great combination to enhance my knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  7. Hi, I just want to share my good new with you guys:nuke:.I got the best surprise of my life today.I received a small envelope from Ca-BON and praise God I passed the first take at 75 questions. Since my chosen state for licensure is California, it has been a long and agonizing suspenseful waiting time for me. I've been feeling low in the dumps and anxious.:uhoh21: I guess that's part of the post-nclex takers syndrome, hehe!:chuckle When I'm on the verge of giving up:bluecry1:, I just lift it up to the Lord to free me from useless anxieties. Believe me, God knows and sees our efforts and He will do the rest. My advice to would-be nclex takers is: Study saunders for the contents and Kaplan for strategies. :typingKeep praying because there can be miracles if you believe.:bowingpur Pray also to St. Jude because he is the saint for board exam takers. All my prayers I ask to God through St. Jude's intercession were mostly granted. Thank you to all-nurses community for giving me moral support. Dream, believe, and keep the faith and you will pass it too!
  8. Hi, just a little bit of survey from you guys. May I ask, how many hours did you finished your nclex-rn exam and what number did the question stopped? Thanks!
  9. Thank you guys for the piece of insights and advice:). I really appreciate it so much. It made my feelings better although sometimes I do feel some anxiety attack thinking what the result would be:confused:. I just keep praying to let my mind open to the plans of God for me because He knows what is best for each one of us in His time and in His ways.
  10. Pchs= P70,000 For 2nd Coursers!!!!
  11. Hi guys, i took the nclex-rn exam last october 31. It took me 4 hours just to answer 75 questions before it stopped. Now, i'm feeling so low and down in the dumps. Sure, i studied for 8 months, did LaCharity and answered Kaplan Trainer. But the difficult level questions i have expected didn't come like dopamine and dobutamine computations( i didn't have any computations at all!) plus i have only 3 SATA's. All i have was multiple type of questions on meds, prioritization, psych, dx tests and few diseases. Does that mean i haven't reached that level of difficulty? Because i was expecting i would reached 100+ questions to prove my competence but then i was very shocked that it ended just at 75. Is that a normal feeling for post-nclex takers? Because my anxiety is really killing me. I felt i messed it up. I need some advice or insights. Please help!Thanks.
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    I just passed the NCLEX, allnurses.com helped alot!!!!

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    Thank you, AllNurses.com! I passed!

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    I Passed The Hesi!!!

  15. Skates

    Passed Hesi!!!!!

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    What I did to pass the 2nd time