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  1. NurseCastles

    Torrance Memorial New Grad RN Residency 2018

    That's great news iheartMarshall, best of luck on Monday! Enjoy your weekend í ¾í´—
  2. NurseCastles

    City of Hope New Grad Nurse EHR

    Mine was on 7/20 as well. They did interviews for EHR each Thursday in the month of July.
  3. NurseCastles

    City of Hope New Grad Nurse EHR

    The drive for you is going to really be a headache, I'm sorry. It's right near the Gold Line if taking the train may work for you. I may consider doing the metro some days to save gas and mileage. I did my fundamentals & preceptorship on Cardiothoracic, I had a few oncology patients but that's the extent of my experience. We'll see how this all plays out, I'm all game for the computer training though. I really wish we could start sooner *deep sigh*.
  4. NurseCastles

    City of Hope New Grad Nurse EHR

    I feel you. She even joked today that our interviews were kinda like "speed dating" lol I never imagined being hired on the spot either! But hey it's legit and great experience. I think I'll be applying to other hospitals toward the end of our assignment as a back up incase the New Grad at COH doesn't come through. I really think being a "superuser" in Epic is going to be golden on our resume, even if we lack the patient care. We'll see. I definitely want to go through with it because of the experience/training, it's a very unique opportunity! Do you have oncology experience? Is oncology your first choice? This kind of just all fell into my lap....
  5. NurseCastles

    City of Hope New Grad Nurse EHR

    Oh yeah, 60 miles is quite the commute. I'm in Long Beach, about 30 miles, but luckily the 605 freeway is not too bad. The drive today only took about 30 mins no traffic, with traffic it's about an hour. What makes you skeptical other than the late start date and the lack of communication/clarity? Do you have other offers or options to consider? I'm going to interview with a home care company to hopefully get work in the meantime. I'll look out for others that will be doing EHR for sure, I'll let ya know how it goes.
  6. NurseCastles

    City of Hope New Grad Nurse EHR

    I was going to go next week but I'll be going today! Got my walking shoes on I'm heading out soon. How will the commute be for you?
  7. NurseCastles

    City of Hope New Grad Nurse EHR

    I couldn't agree more. What tour date are you attending?
  8. NurseCastles

    City of Hope New Grad Nurse EHR

    I applied and got accepted as an EHR Implementation Specialist for the EPIC roll out. First day of orientation/training is Sept 25. Really wish it was sooner!
  9. NurseCastles

    WGU in different states question

    Hey Ziglar1! Sorry to hear you were denied from WGU & now considering relocating just to reapply to WGU. I myself got accepted into WGU BSN program for the Nov 1 start date in LA. Based on your stats I can say you scored higher on your TEAS & your GPA is higher than mine. I applied twice, got denied the first time & accepted the next. The best advice I could give is MAKE AN IMPACT, STAND OUT among the other applicants that your enrollment adviser also deals with besides you. I may not have had the highest GPA or the highest TEAS (I do have my CNA license & some patient care exp) but I KNOW that my enthusiasm and "drive" set me apart from the other applicants, according to my enrollment adviser. The enrollment adviser is the one who RECOMMENDS you for selection, so making that connection and bond with your enrollment adviser is vital and in my case SAVED ME and got me in. My adviser became a huge supporter & cheerleader for me during the few months we spoke over the phone, getting my application packet ready. She would always praise me for being on top of things, knowing the program info/expectations so well that I could explain it back to her without question or hesitation, and for being a SELF STARTER. I hope that my situation and advice can give you some insight for your next application cycle with WGU. Don't give up & best of luck to you!
  10. NurseCastles

    Nov 1 RN to BSN

    I got excited when I seen that someone else started November 1st but then realized you're in the RN TO BSN program:bluecry1:. I'm starting the Nov 1 Prelicensure BSN in California for the Pasadena cohort. Wishing lots of success and the best of luck to you and the fellow nurses accepted into your cohort!!! :)
  11. Hello & greetings to all my fellow nurses & aspiring nurses out there! I am excited (and anxious ) to start the prelicensure portion of the BSN program through WGU for the Nov 1st cohort in Pasadena CA. Anyone else? Orientation is in 2 weeks! Any current WGU students or alum have any tips, words of advice, suggestions? Go NIGHT OWLS!
  12. Hello All, I thought I'd start this thread for those of us applying for the RN (ADN) program at LA Harbor College for the Spring 2015 cohort, application deadline is 9/5/14! Personally LAHC is my first choice because its closest to where I live. Have any of you already taken the TEAS? I encourage you all to share your questions/comments/concerns for open discussion. I'm hoping this thread helps us all get through the agonizing wait until we hear about the lottery results to come. This is my first time applying, best of luck to all of you!!!
  13. NurseCastles

    Los Angeles County of Nursing - Fall 2014

    Hello Smylee! Congrats on getting into LA County! I wanted to ask for your advice on whether or not you think I should apply or not. My points I calculated came up to only 76 points (3.0 in sci prereqs, 83% TEAS first try). Is it worth applying if the site states that points for acceptance are usually in the 80s... What is your input? Thanks for the insight.
  14. NurseCastles

    ROP LVN programs in southern california?

    Check out NOCROP (North OC ROP) they're on a point system with no wait list. Prior CNA/MA license, prereqs, a degree, medical work exp all give you extra points and increase your chances. I just completed their Fundamentals of Nursing class (good for 5 years and mandatory to apply for their LVN license. You also get points for your grade in this class A:20 points B:15 points, something like that). The class covered a lot of CNA stuff and the nursing process, they teach you care plans & nursing diagnosis. The program is well respected in the community and they're grads usually have no trouble finding a job once they complete it. They accept around 40 students twice a year. They're currently interviewing for the October start. They start in the Spring & Fall I believe and the program is 13 months long. Last but not least the program is only a little over $4k!!!!! I'd highly recommend NOCROP LVN.
  15. NurseCastles

    WGU prospective applicants

    I too applied WGU and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'm also applying to ADN & BSN traditional programs. I am hoping to get into WGU because of its flexibility. I know someone who is in her last term at WGU and she said she got into WGU easily because she had LVN experience (I don't have an LVN lic) She told me she would highly recommend I take an LVN program prior if possible because you'll find it much easier especially since its a lot of independent work/online. She said that her classmates at WGU with no prior experience struggled through the curriculum. On top of that, my WGU enrollment counselor told me they only except 12 people for the pre nursing portion to ultimately fill only 10 seats (2 candidates are cut/drop/fail the prenursing portion) I couldn't believe only 10 are accepted!!!!! So.... I'm applying to other programs as well including LA Harbor, LASW, LA County and maybe a few others. Good luck!!