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LA Harbor College Spring 2015 ADN Applicants

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Hello All,

I thought I'd start this thread for those of us applying for the RN (ADN) program at LA Harbor College for the Spring 2015 cohort, application deadline is 9/5/14! Personally LAHC is my first choice because its closest to where I live. Have any of you already taken the TEAS? I encourage you all to share your questions/comments/concerns for open discussion. I'm hoping this thread helps us all get through the agonizing wait until we hear about the lottery results to come. This is my first time applying, best of luck to all of you!!!

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I am beginning at CSULB in the Spring, but I have taken the TEAS….lol

Just get two books, and take every practice exam--repeatedly--until you can get 100% on every one of them, every time. The test is VERY basic; it is only the time constraint and pressure of doing well that throws everyone off their game…. Especially the reading section…. You do not have time to reread the stories, so you must be focused…

Also, take the exam twice. Most colleges allow repeats on the TEAS, but you must be sure to plan out at least 30 days between retakes, AND have your second test done before the deadline.

I also recommend the paper/pencil version of the test if you can find it offered near you. (just personal preference)

Trust me, the second time will be MUCH less stressful, and the questions will be very similar. The college only counts your highest score, so this can only HELP you.

Most people waited until the near the deadline to take their TEAS, and were not able to retake because of the 30-day waiting period.

I scored a 93% overall, and 99th percentile.

I used these books:

1. ATI TEAS REVIEW MANUAL (ISBN-13: 978-1933107981)

2. MCGRAW-HILL - 5 TEAS PRACTICE TESTS (ISBN-13: 978-0071767774)

Each has 5 complete practice exams. That will give you 10 total…

(WARNING: Be prepared to spend at least 3-4 hours taking EACH exam and going over your mistakes. It's a VERY LONG TEST)


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The deadline was extended to Sept 12th, but I turned in my application this morning- so excited! Just a quick heads up: make sure to write in a zero on your printed application if your student ID number starts with a zero after the two eights like this, "88-0", or else the office won't know what your number is. For some reason, the application doesn't show the zero in the field even after you enter it online and print it out. Good luck!

Off to study for the TEAS V now...

Has anyone gotten an acceptance email yet for the spring 2015 nursing program at LA Harbor College?

Has anyone gotten an acceptance email yet for the spring 2015 nursing program at LA Harbor College?

I got an invite for the teas test today

I also got an invite for the TEAS today as well.

Hello, I got accepted in LASC but I really want to get in LAHC.Anybody has info about LASC please share. Also i just Called today the LAHC nursing department, they told me they plan to send the acceptence letter end of this week but most likely earliest December. Please If anyone recieve the acceptance letter to post it here. Thank you

I got into lasc as well. I would like some info too. Lahc is my preference.

I initially applied to LASC, however, when it came time for me to submit my TEAS score I decided to not continue with the application process because the NCLEX pass rate for LASC isn't so great. It's a little under 80%.

Hello Everyone, I just got my acceptence letter from LAHC . Super Happy

Are you sure you recieved a letter from harbor because i have asked a number of people and no one has gotten anything yet.

I received an email last week stating I was accepted. Make sure you check your LACCD email address given to you by the school. Tomorrow is the last day to accept/decline the offer.

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I called already and they said letters hVe not been sent yet. Are you talking about La harbor college.

Yes, la harbor college. I'll show you a copy of the email.

Oh ok i was just making sure because i was concerned for myself and i called and thats what they said. I was accepted to lasc im just going to accept there because the last day is today and i dont want to ruin the one chance i actually have. Congrats to you.

Thanks! But I actually declined the offer because I got into a school closer to where I live so I'm going there instead. Congrats to you too for getting accepted to LASC!

Yes I got the email from LAHC on November 25. I replied to the email to confirm that I accept the invitation and they answered me back that they will see me at the orientation in january 7.Anybody else recieved the invitation?

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