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  1. Feeling like the dumbest nurse on earth

    Great response dishes, I am with you. Aloe_sky being honest and trying to first establish a medium with your preceptor is a good way to start, if that fails than you can request a new one. If Icu is your passion, than don't give up. You will not fee...
  2. How is it to be an online educator?

    Thank you so much for your replies! I am imagining that I will have to obtain a PhD there after my MSN, in order to really be marketable.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what it is like to teach online? I just began my Nurse educator course, and would like to continue working as a full time staff nurse after graduation, along with teaching some online classes....
  4. Hello, can anyone tell me how the MSN educator track was? Specifically the practicum course? Will I have to dedicate a large amount of time to clinicals? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Lied to in Interview

    I am so sorry that you are in this situation. Where I am from, that is the norm for nursing home and rehab facilities. Often times they expect nurses to work in very unsafe and overwhelming conditions. New grads who just want a chance accept this. I ...
  6. New to methadone nursing

    Hello There isn't much to it! Just be sure to take your time when dispensing medication. Be observant of the patients behavior before and after medicating. It is quite easy to learn this field. It's been 5 months for me so far
  7. Thank you very much! I am enrolled in a BSN program, set to begin in November I hope that makes me considerable. And thanks for the heads up on Good Samaritan.
  8. Thank you very much! I will try there as well, I hope your interview went well!
  9. I would have no problem traveling, I really need the experience.... I will apply now, thank you so much.
  10. Hello, I recently graduated 2014, and passed my nclex first try. I am going to relocate to baltimore MD, and have already switched my license. I have applied to every health facility possible, is there anyone in the Baltimore area, that can give me ...