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NorthBeach is a APRN and specializes in FNP.

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  1. NorthBeach

    New Grad FNP offer

    I am a new grad FNP and I received an offer to work in a private psychiatric clinic treating mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD for most part. The practice does not manage clients with schizophrenia. The clinic is staffed with a psychiatrist on site available for consultation. The psychiatrist is willing to provide training to a new grad FNP. I was hoping to get feedback on whether I would be practicing out of scope as an FNP. The clinic does not provide malpractice insurance. Is that typical for private practice or psychiatry? Thanks in advance.
  2. NorthBeach

    New NP - Job offer without tail coverage

    I'm a new NP and I received an offer in pain medicine. The employer does not offer tail coverage and the contract requires me to purchase tail coverage and name the company as an additional insured party to my tail policy when I leave the job. I'm concerned that this lack of tail coverage will come with a considerable cost to me and I don't understand the implications of having to add a company under my policy. I would appreciate any feedback on this topic. Thank you!