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  1. I had a meeting with TCN and got the cost of the BSN at ISU and was shocked about the price. I am wondering do I have to go through them to take the CLEP,DANTES, and EXCELSIOR COLLEGE exams at the testing centers? Or can I buy the books off ebay and ...
  2. Attention ISU students

    Ok, so I can CLEP all the pre req classes on my own, by using books and study guides off EBAY? And then go directly through I hearing that correctly?
  3. Attention ISU students

    I am an LPN single mom who does not have alot of money to throw around, just as I know alot of you don't either. I am so confused reading, what seems to be over hundreds of threads on how to get your BSN online. I live in Fla and I have to still do m...
  4. TCN LPN to BSN through ISU...

    Hi Kimly! I would like to talk to you more about what you are doing. I also am an LPN in Fla and a single mom and really want to get started online for my RN. I am just SO CONFUSED with all the info out there, that I honestly don't know where to star...
  5. I am looking for any reccomendations for a good paying Home Health job in the New Port Richey/Spring Hill Area. I prefer Spring Hill, I currently am doing Home Health but want to sign up with another agency if they are willing to pay me and they ARE ...
  6. Need advice!

    :trout: I have been on this case for 10 months doing at the most 32 hrs a week and min of 24 a week. It is for twins (very active) and have a question for anyone out there that can give me advice. One parent that use to be in the home and stay at hom...
  7. Hi, I am an LPN with one year experience. Single mom, work full time and want to do my RN online. ONE PROBLEM is I have no pre req's done that you need for my local college and don't have time to do them because of work. Is there a way to take them t...
  8. I had to testify in my very first ever child case that I am a nurse in the home for. It is really bothering me, the whole deal and aspect of testifying and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to handle the emotions, and all the feeling...
  9. Do you get paid for twins?

    It's just a little fustrateing. I love my job and I enjoy what I do, so in that respect I am very thankful for my job that God has given me. But at the same manner, I don't want to be ignorant to the fact that I am being short changed either. For ins...
  10. Do you get paid for twins?

    Just curious to see if anyone knows if you are taking care of twins, if you get paid for both patients or only one? I am told that Fla. Medicaid only pays for one child and half for the other to have round the clock nurseing? I am with an agency that...
  11. Certified Pediatric Nurse Examination

    Excuse the no clue question.............but what is a Certified Ped. Nurse Examination? Can LPN"S take it? How can being Certified in Peds Help you in your career? I would be interested in takeing it, if it will help. Just curious. Thanks
  12. Im new... i need help. a lot of it! please!!!!

    I live in and I sent you a PM
  13. 2nd day and I already want to cry!

    Thank you everyone who responded with thier support and words or wisdom. I wanted to let everyone know I did report it and told the agency I was reporting it. There respones was.............Nothing. She just sat there and said, ok, well let's see if ...
  14. 2nd day and I already want to cry!

    Thank you all for that. Yes I have been considering my oath I took very seriously. I am required by law I guess I was just have trouble with "what constitutes abuse" or neglect really. No there were no maggots, no, there wasn't feces anywhere. It was...
  15. Question for LPN's

    If you live in the State of Fla I believe they will require you to have your IV certification to hang IV piggy backs or any IV's. Check with the BON in Fla and see if your training will cover you for IV"s