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  1. Thank you very much! :)
  2. I'm italian nurse and i am Green card holder. I have Applied for CNA Board and they have accetpted My italian nursing degree. Now i have to study to pass CNA exam (written exam and skills practice exam). How to study for CNA exam? Is there a course on-line? What are the best books for studying? Are there videos for watching skills pratice examples?
  3. UlisseApache

    Is italian nursing program accepted by LVN CA Board?

    Stefano and Ivano I have read Your messale and i have sent another message to you ;-)
  4. UlisseApache

    Is italian nursing program accepted by LVN CA Board?

    Hello Stefano and Ivano do you have social security number? ps. I have sent a private message to you
  5. UlisseApache

    Can foreign graduetes apply for CA LPN Board

    Thanks for Your answers! I just read "application packet" I have already applied for RN Board, and there is a specific form for foreign graduates (i have already sent transcription and certificated translation and i'm waiting their answer), is there a specific form for LVN also? I think that I Will Phone LVN to be sure that i Will Apply correctly :-)
  6. I'm italian nurse, i have Green Card (My wife is american) I have italian degree Can I Apply for CA LPN Board? In website of LPN Board this My question is not present or I have not been able to find it.