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  1. Ok, sorry. Its long I am usually ICU traveler Signed on with local agency for PRN work, wasn't getting very many shifts. Agency offers shifts in inpatient Psych unit, I sign up Never workes psych 3days orientation, was plan. Day 1, no pyxis access or Cerner until 2pm, day was just about complete waste. Om the phone half of shift trying to sort it all out. Day2, placed in the acute unit. Charge informs me I am to be the med-nurse, and her and other RN will take patients. That didn't sound very beneficial for me, I've been passing meds for 7 years. I interject and ask to have a few patients as I have never workes Behavorial Health (BH) and need assessment training the most, as I haven't watched a core nurse in the daily assess proces.. This interjection really pissed her off. She huffs and puffs and assigns me 2 pts. And then disappears, comes back, has bad attitude with me. Tension was high. I grab my pt chart start readimg about my pt, walky-talky, I visualize in dayroom briefly, and there are 3 agressive pts at the desk, and they are escalating....so I open Cerner look around at the assessment verbage, trying to get a feel. I can't step out from bwhind the nurses stations as I have no keys to get back in, and clients are agitated. Now while this is all going down charge is condescending and passive aggressive with everytime I ask a question. Awkward to say the least. I keep seeing her and the other chit chating about me, very obvious and so.uncomfirtable. Needless to say WOW/COW cannot be in the dayroom, and I have no key, but have visualized my patient. I still have no idea how to assess for BH discipline. I go through the process in Cerner, kinda play with it to learn. I ended up saving some data durimg. She is in and out, and not really precepting at all. She walks up and asks what I am doing, I explain, learning your assessment info, she asks if I had laid hands, I said no just reading and getting feel.. all assessments (physical) are identicle for this individual (medical) body systems are WNL. So, naturally she becomes condescending and states I nees to be in the dayroom etc, etc. I knew where she was headimg. Tried to explain I just needed the "verbage" I've never done or seen MH assessment, while tryimg to explin my needs, she walks away. I follow her into the medroom and asked her plainly, "can I shadow your assessment" she laughed with condescension, gow did You do in ICU?" With more passive aggressiveness and again walks away and states "you're fine" "its goid" "stoo apologizing" Long story short, this behavior went on all day, and she was talking to co-workers about my mistakes, and va ruous other alienating moves....you get the picture. All day long, but we can do anuthing for 12 hours right???? Bottom line, I almost quit, but went back, and orientation with a different preceptor worked great. Until Noon, I was terminated for precharting assessment, without them hearing my side of the story, and they said its going to be reported to the board. This place was a complete **** show. And a 1 year exp nurse who has control issues wrote me up for stupid crap. She knew how I was trying to learn in that first assessment, she didn't stop it and offer education, just set the trap. I don't feel I did anything to deserve a BON complaint, and she was precepting, isn't she responible too???? She writes me up for precharting, I was termed without seeing the compaint docs and without explaining my side of the story. DON said he is reporting to the board Am I going to receive disciplinary action from the board? Shouldn't she be partly responsible as preceptor and letting me finish vs offering education? She didn't take time to show me anythimg, just threw me out there and then pointed out my errors without constructive criticism...

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