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  1. coyote47


    I am truly sorry I signed on with this company. I did because they offered a contract with the IHS and I've always wanted to work with Native Americans. I took a pay cut and found out later from other travel nurses I worked with that they were all making more $$ and were offered more perks in terms of stipends, bonuses. It was a stressful working environment with lots of drama which I won't get into, but I did well (they wanted me to stay). I took some time off to visit family and do some personal traveling. In that time I received a call from another nurse recruiter from Soliant( my previous one had left the agency). I asked him to check into some opportunities in a specific area. He told me he would get back to me. Now this is the clincher! 3 weeks went by; I never received a call back from him. I call Soliant and gave my name 3 times to the person manning the main line. They can't find me in their records???? So bizarre. This was yesterday. The man said he would call back, presumably when they got things straightened out. No call... Needless to say, this was the last straw, so I will be going with another agency. This is only my experience, but I wanted to caution others who may be thinking of this agency. Be sure you know what you're getting into and be firm with what you want..
  2. coyote47

    University Medical Center of Princeton

    Does anybody have any insight on how it is to work here? Culture? How people treat each other in general. Working conditions?? Etc.? Thanks so much!!!
  3. Hello! I am interested in obtaining a temporary and/ or travel assignment at an outpatient clinic through the Indian Health Service. I have always wanted to help Native Americans. I am a ICU nurse with 9+ years experience in critical care. Unfortunately I have come to find out that many hospitals on the Rez require rotating shifts. So, I figure this is the next best option. About a year ago, I was approached by a nurse recruiter who discussed some clinic options with me. I was getting very excited, then was told that I needed "pediatric experience" and then I never heard from her again..😔😔. Can anybody give me guidance or advice??? Thank you!!
  4. coyote47

    Indian Health Services

    Hi JSJones,Wondering if you are still there in AZ. I just posted a question about travel nurse positions in IHS facilities. May I ask what company you are traveling with?
  5. Hi everybody, I am interested in obtaining a travel nurse assignment in an IHS hospital perhaps in Arizona or New Mexico. It has always been a dream of mine. I have done some travel nursing in the past and really enjoyed it. I have 7+ years of experience in ICU. I prefer small community hospitals. I love the outdoors and would be more than OK in a remote area. It's a good time for me to move on to accomplish this dream; my hospital will be closing soon to become a long term care facility.. If anybody has some insights or advice;I would appreciate it. THANKS!