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  1. BFalls0687

    Hospice Related Medication Coverage

    I did find this. It seems helpful. http://www.hospiscript.com/docs/default-source/other-documents/med-coverage-nhpco-medication-flow-chart-version-1-0.pdf?sfvrsn=2&_cldee=a2tvbmN6YWxAaG9zcGlzY3JpcHQuY29t&recipientid=contact-24f80374b045e511abb0005056b513d7-b8ee230a2f0b47c5ace6e00012b1fdc0&esid=3238b458-ab6d-e811-9ca9-005056b513d7&_cldee=a2ltLmtvbmN6YWxAb3B0dW0uY29t&recipientid=contact-f2e129b218d7e411abb0005056b513d7-e69f3830ad0348dc81b94b98c53652a2&esid=65257104-d47e-e811-9ca9-005056b513d7
  2. BFalls0687

    RN to BSN

    I am starting to look into RN to BSN programs in the north east ohio area. Please share your experiences! Thanks!
  3. BFalls0687

    Anyone from Kent State - Geauga?

    I received your PM (a month late, but better late than never). Allnurses will not let me reply. If you would like, I can add you on FB and answer all your questions there. Just message me your FB link. My reply was pretty long, but allnurses gave me a big fat NO.
  4. BFalls0687

    Anyone from Kent State - Geauga?

    I am currently in the first semester night program. Feel free to pick my brain.

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