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  1. Sierrarox

    How much to lpn make in oklahoma

    I'm an LPN and I live in Oklahoma City and started off at $17.50 right out of school. I currently work in a pediatric clinic.
  2. Sierrarox

    LPN student in fall just wanting advice

    My advice is to get a agenda. On the first day you get your syllabus, go home and fill it out. I used different color highlighters for different topics. I would also suggest you make a habit of coming home from school with a daily routine. What I did was allow a 30min break and then read everything i needed, then made notes as I went along. That way you don't get in a habit of coming home and napping/watching TV, then start studying at 8pm. Also make a study group with some class mates, my teachers really pushed us to do that. It helped me a lot. Another helpful hint was I recorded lectures on my iPad and just listened to them in the car on my way to school.
  3. Sierrarox

    UCO LPN TO BSN Fall 2015

    Unfortunately it wont let me PM because I haven't made more than 15 post. I wonder if there is another way, besides placing my email on here. lol I enrolled yesterday and I'm in Ind/Fam Dev with Fister I am trying to get out of the course because I have taken the same class at OCCC. My other classes are Concepts 1 & 2 4pm -750pm with Arnold and Service and learning 430-815 with Dean. I was wondering how much time studying do you spend and what your recommendations are about work. Would it be crazy to work full time and be in school? I'm thinking part time is the best way, I'm just wondering how many hours/days. I think its kinda crazy how they don't inform us about the program where as LPN school kinda laid it out for us. I have orientation in June, maybe I will get more details then. Thanks!
  4. Sierrarox

    UCO LPN TO BSN Fall 2015

    Hi! I'm applying to the LPN to BSN program for Fall 2015. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea what my schedule will be like? Also I need to turn in a copy of my TEAS test but there's no score requirement. Can some one give me a ball park range. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I started off at Moore Norman technology and left after Christmas. Then I went to Metrotech and loved it and graduated. We had 100% pass rate on the NCLEX 1st time take. The differences between the two schools were- moore Norman made you take human anatomy even if you had already had taken it at a college. Whereas at Metrotech you didn't have three months wasted to relearn human anatomy. Also Moore Norman was at a faster pace. You would learn about the respiratory system on Monday then digestive system on Tuesday, then test over the respiratory system Wednesday,t hen test over the digestive system Thursday. I was up every night to trying to study for the tests till 2am. When I was at Metrotech we had one maybe two tests a week so you have plenty of time to learn and understand the topic. I loved Metro Tech and recommend it over Moore Norman.
  6. Sierrarox

    How I passed the NCLEX-PN, 2nd attempt.

    @sparrow91 Thanks! That thread is amazing, just what i needed
  7. Sierrarox

    Study habits...

    I just finished LPN school, and it took me awhile to figure out the best way to study. When the teachers went over power points instead of printing them off and highlighting as they go along, i wrote out the power point on paper. During the test i would be like oh i remember writing that out, thats the right answer. Also i downloaded the app Supernote, its awesome. it helped me record all my lectures and had a place to type up notes and post pictures. i realized while listening to my recorded lectures that my teachers repeated certain things over and over and they were always on the test. Having the lectures recorded also helped me because when i went back over my notes i could highlight repeated topics and add stuff in the teacher covered that wasnt on the slides. i also could listen to the lectures on the way to school in the mornings to review for the test that day. i tried flashcards and they were a waste of time writing them all out, the only time they worked for me was in pharmacology. i hoped this helped.
  8. Sierrarox

    How I passed the NCLEX-PN, 2nd attempt.

    Congratulations! I just finished LPN school and have no idea how to go about studying for the NCLEX. Thanks for the helpful tips. I need help with lab values too, how did you come up with a list to memorize. Thanks!