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  1. esca2006

    Corizon RN - wages & raises

    Wow, that's not very much at all! And they dropped your pay? I didn't ask about the new grad pay but I know I'm not getting that much more. One of the new grad LVN disclosed her pay and she is making a little over $21! The RN manager did say that their pay scale recently increased for the better. Good to know your experience though, THANKS. I'll be moving next year anyway so this just more experience for me and it's only a 15 min drive.
  2. esca2006

    Real vs fake chest pain

    Wow, such detail, this is immensely helpful and gives me a glimpse of what I need to do (and learn), to get myself to your level!
  3. esca2006

    advice for new corrections nurse

    Great info everyone, thank you! I'll also be starting as a new correctional RN and these tidbits of info are so helpful. There are a lot of do this, not that, be firm, don't be caught up in being groomed...seems like a lot all at once but I'm sure I'll "get it" once I've been working for a few months.
  4. esca2006

    Corizon RN - wages & raises

    I'll be starting next week and Corizon offered a better hourly wage than the local hospital and clinics in this area! About $3 more in this area of KANSAS and is considered to be great pay. I will be making less than I did at my precious job but will be taking home more due to decreased cost of living (moved from VA to KS) I have 2 years experience as an RN and this is a new specialty for me.
  5. They didn't ask clinical knowledge, just questions like "how would I handle a difficult situation", "what was the best care I have ever given, describe it." I didn't have to do a dosage exam. They were all very kind! You have to emphasize how much you want to be a part of the team and the things you could bring to the table as a new RN.
  6. Yes, that's what it is! Very low for such an expensive area! Only thing you can hope for is shift differentials and weekend/holiday pay.
  7. esca2006

    New Grad BSN salary in northern Virginia???

    YES, $25/hour was what the hiring manager told me during my initial interview.
  8. esca2006

    Fertility / Infertility Nursing???

    I would love to know what your starting salary was. I was interviewed recently and the hiring manage asked me for salary requirements. I just don't know what to put out there because if it's too high, she may not want to hire me. I hope she will come back with an offer though Any tips?
  9. esca2006

    Question about IVF clinic job

    I was also interviewed for an IVF nurse position. I am a new RN-BSN grad. The hiring manager asked what I would like for starting salary. Would an IVF nurse be able to shed some light on what the starting pay should be? This is in the northern virginia, DC area. Thank you!
  10. esca2006

    Fertility Nursing

    I know salary varies by state. Will anyone let me know what their starting salary for this particular area of work was?
  11. esca2006

    IFV nurse interview - Salary

    Thank you for your comment! It makes me feel better about the number I have given. I've been job hunting and didn't want to be rejected over other potential candidates because of my salary request.
  12. Yes, I got a call back and went through the initial, talent plus, and peer interview. I had to do a urine analysis during the peer interview. I'm currently waiting on an email/call back to see if I am offered the position.
  13. esca2006

    IFV nurse interview - Salary

    Help! I am a new RN-BSN grad and I went to an interview yesterday at an IVF clinic. The hiring manager emailed me back today and she asked what I would like my starting salary to be. I live in the NOVA, DC area and this job is in Maryland - 10 minutes drive from DC. I don't want to give her a salary that is too low because I know the workload of an IVF nurse is high. Work days are long during cycles. Would any IVF nurse in this area be able to shed some light on salary? I know that INOVA starts their new grads at $25/hour with great benefits. Would $48,000 be too high of a request? I do have to work weekends and most days during the week, and of course long hours as needed unit all daily tasks are completed. Please help!