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IFV nurse interview - Salary

by esca2006 esca2006 (New) New

Help! I am a new RN-BSN grad and I went to an interview yesterday at an IVF clinic. The hiring manager emailed me back today and she asked what I would like my starting salary to be. I live in the NOVA, DC area and this job is in Maryland - 10 minutes drive from DC. I don't want to give her a salary that is too low because I know the workload of an IVF nurse is high. Work days are long during cycles.

Would any IVF nurse in this area be able to shed some light on salary? I know that INOVA starts their new grads at $25/hour with great benefits. Would $48,000 be too high of a request? I do have to work weekends and most days during the week, and of course long hours as needed unit all daily tasks are completed.

Please help!

malenurse69, MSN, NP

Specializes in ICU / Urgent Care. Has 5 years experience.

When it comes to salaries, id rather aim too high then too low. 48k is fine.

Thank you for your comment! It makes me feel better about the number I have given. I've been job hunting and didn't want to be rejected over other potential candidates because of my salary request.