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Interventional Radiology, NeuroRadiology, EP
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adaezen has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Interventional Radiology, NeuroRadiology, EP.

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  1. United States university FNP

    I don’t like it honestly. The midterm was a mess and they don’t really help you when you ask questions. I’m mainly using osmosis .
  2. United States university FNP

    What class are you taking currently? I’m in Advanced Pathophysiology. Deadline June 28 for preceptor recommendations
  3. United States university FNP

    I stand corrected. You are quite lucky.
  4. United States university FNP

    Please send me the list too! I’m having trouble finding precepts and they want to help. I’m in Cali.
  5. United States university FNP

    I seriously doubt she doubled up her classes because I have requested over and over to double classes and was denied each and every time .
  6. HESI APRN Patho

    Hello! I am nearing my second term at USU , doing my FNP. HESI is scheduled twice and I haven’t seen a lot of resources to help prepare. Any advice ? I am indebted to you! Thank you!
  7. United States university FNP

    Hello! I am enrolled at USU looking for advice in studying and preparing for HESI patho and pharm. Any help is appreciated . I also can be emailed at
  8. APRN Hesi Studying

    Can you email me at or my inbox? 😊 thanks
  9. New Grad needs job in Atlanta Metro area

    im looking too and ive applied but only a few call backs, now im seperated from my fiance who lives in atl, while I work in Louisiana, new grad Dec 13