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Specializes in Interventional Radiology, NeuroRadiology, EP.

Hello! I am nearing my second term at USU , doing my FNP. 
HESI is scheduled twice and I haven’t seen a lot of resources to help prepare. 

Any advice ?

I am indebted to you! Thank you! 

MultipRN, BSN

Specializes in OB, Cardiac, Family Practice.

I am currently in Advanced Patho at USU.  My first HESI is scheduled in a week and a half and they have given ZERO information as to how to study.  I am not sure what is on a mid-curricular HESI so have no idea what to expect.  Plus - many students in the FNP program haven't taken one in many years (like me!).  SOOOOOOO frustrated.  I've invested in a couple different study/test bank sites to help.....

If anyone has any info on how to study, I'm also interested! 🙏🏻


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