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Stevoh760 has 13 years experience and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. HESI APRN Patho

    I'll be taking the HESI this Sunday for USU's advanced patho course! Same here, not many study resources online regarding Elsevier's HESI exam but I've been doing a few HESI V1 and V2 Q&A's but still not sure how that will go.
  2. United States university FNP

    Awesome, thanks brotha! Good luck on class #3.
  3. United States university FNP

    Just finishing up my first course MSN-560. Is the second course the same outline as the first course as far as discussion on Th/Sat and replies, quiz and assignments due on Monday? Thanks and congrats!
  4. United States university FNP

    Hello everyone! I will be starting on 1/7/20 (next week) as well. Looks like they don't allow you to double up classes anymore. Is anyone doing that monthly interest free plan to cover first years classes?
  5. United States university FNP

    Hello Brittani. I will be starting 1/7/20 as well. Will you be starting on that date as well?