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  1. BPerez32

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    I just took a full time position and I passed my boards Friday for 22.75 in Durand Michigan as a charge Nurse
  2. BPerez32

    Pass my PN NCLEX it's official

    Took the Kaplan course and Used the Saunders book...Saunders was better if you ask me and I graduated August 6,2015 and my first test date was 9/28 but I got scared and moved it to the 10/9/15....
  3. BPerez32

    Pass my PN NCLEX it's official

    I am already in school to go my LPN to RN transition I just had to take my NCLEX To make this transition possible and I already took a full time position 3 days a week
  4. BPerez32

    Pass my PN NCLEX it's official

    It's official I am a NURSE I passed My PN NCLEX The computer shut off at 85 I am super excited for this new journey...one big that helped me was prayer if it wasn't for God I wouldn't have made it (my personal opinion only)
  5. BPerez32

    LPN/LVN first paycheck :)

    My first check I paid some bills and took all four of my kids school shopping I was very emotional and proud of myself being I had be had a job in 4 years
  6. BPerez32

    When should I start applying for jobs?

    I graduated Aug 3,2015 and was hired the next week as a GPN making 18.00 an hour I take my boards on Oct 6 but I got hired some where else for 21.65 I can't start there still after my boards but I got paid for the training...and after I take my board the 18.00 and hour job is gonna go up in pay and I am getting good experience
  7. BPerez32

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    I make 21.65 as new nurse in Howell Michigan it's a LTV that's not including shift differentials and the extra 1.00 I would get when I work Vent
  8. BPerez32

    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait!!!
  9. BPerez32

    I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats I so happy for you.... hey Nurse!!!!
  10. BPerez32

    It's Official

    I can say not that grades are in I have passed the LPN program at Davenport University-Midland this seem so surreal right..!
  11. My peer did she worked three jobs while in school one full one part time and the other contingent it's possible and she is married with two kisa
  12. BPerez32


    Congrats I am done 5 more days I can't believe congrats again
  13. BPerez32

    9 more days

    I have 9 more days then I will donen with LPN school then pinning is on Aug 6th I can't wait I only have I exam 3 finals and 2 presentations but that's not much I am too excited
  14. BPerez32

    Majority of Class Not Passing

    Oh goodness what class is it
  15. BPerez32

    2014 LPN students

    How is everyone doing by the way
  16. BPerez32

    2014 LPN students

    I almost done guys I have 6 weeks left