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  1. Eithanhunt

    Math Question Help

    Thanks for the input Wuzzie. Appreciate it!
  2. Eithanhunt

    Math Question Help

    A is the answer, but I'm starting to think Pearson (this is a question from Pearson's online math review) perhaps is incorrect. Please let me know what you get. Thanks!
  3. Eithanhunt

    Math Question Help

    The BSA is 2.16, meaning the dose is 3.24mg On hand is 4mg/4mL So...Desired/Have on hand * Quantity would be 3.24mg/4mg * 4mL = 3.24mL Here is where I get stuck. I add 3.24 mL to the 50mL D5W to get a total volume of 53.24mL to infuse over 90 min. So 53.24mL/90 min * 60 min/1 hr = 35.49 mL/hr. But that's not the answer, so I'm missing something...
  4. Eithanhunt

    Math Question Help

    Can't solve this for the life of me. Assistance required please Order: Hycamtin (topotecan HCl) 1.5 mg/m2 IV daily for 5 days, repeat every 21 days. The label on the vial reads 4 mg and the manufacturer's directions states "Reconstitute each vial with 4 mL of sterile water. Withdraw the dose and further dilute in 50 mL D5W and infuse over 90 minutes." Calculate the rate of flow in milliliters per hour for a client who weighs 92 kg and is 183 cm tall. A. 29.6 mL/h B. 87.5 mL/h C. 114 mL/h D. 100 mL/h