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    Hello, I don't know if I'm posting in the right place but here goes. I am stuck in limbo with a crappy situation. I looked at other topics and nothing really matched my problem so I'm hoping for the best here. Sorry it's a long story... I am not an RN yet. However I completed an accelerated BSN at George Washington University as a military veteran. I am also a nationally registered paramedic which is why GW was appealing because I could do an accelerated program as a vet with medical experience and no prior bachelors. I had my GI Bill for 2 semesters and my husband was going to sign over his for the last 2. We called and verified it would be ok before I started the program and as far as we knew it wouldn't be a problem. Apparently it wasn't ok as I found out after I had enrolled in my last semester the VA hasn't paid the prior semester and wouldn't be paying my last either. I tried appealing but me againat the government after the election wasnt happening. At this point I missed the drop deadline without financial penalty and my FAFSA had paid out. I pleaded with the school to set up a payment plan but they refused telling me I missed the deadline for their 3rd party company and they no longer accepted plans with students because "they don't work". I was also not forced to drop. I reached out to as many head ups as I could with no luck. I also reached out to various hospitals in the area to see if they could help me in exchange for a contract and again no luck. I worked full time as a paramedic in a trauma center the entire program and even my hospital wouldn't help me. I also applied for about 10 different private loans and was denied for all of them as I have no cosigner. There were no scholarships or grants to be had either as I also missed those deadlines at this point. Fast forward, I finished the program meeting all requirements to take the NCLEX with a 3.8 GPA. However GW is holding my degree and ATT for the NCLEX hostage in a sense until I pay the debt in full which I understand crappy as it may be. I have literally tried all I can think of to fix this. In March they sold my debt to a collection agency and added on about 35% interest. I called to try and negotiate a settlement however apparently GW still owns the debt so they won't allow me to pay any less and would only offer me a payment plan if I put 60% of 24k down which I do not have... Does anyone know of any resources or help out there for people in my situation who finished a program but are stuck for an issue like this? Again I'm an honorable discharged veteran who works in a hospital as a paramedic. I would move anywhere or work in any hospital at this point. I just want to take my NCLEX and transition to the career I worked so hard for.