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Another RN-BSN question...sorry

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I've been glued to this forum for the past couple of days trying to answer this myself so I apologize if I missed something.

I am a current NREMT-Paramedic working as a tech in the ER and volunteering on an ambulance. However, my long term interest is midwife/FNP (totally unrelated I know).

To start I understand getting into a LDRP type unit as a new grad will be very difficult. I have been trying to arrange shadowing opportunities at the hospital I work for and I am currently already ACLS, PALS and I do have some live birth assists under my belt :)

Obviously I plan on obtaining a BSN in the more immediate future and working LDRP for a couple of years before trying to get into a CNM/FNP program. Now for my main question. My area has an ADN program. As I have a high school son, I promised him I would not apply to BSN programs until he graduated because the 2 in my area aren't really my cup of tea. I have 3 years left so I was wondering if it is still worth it to obtain the ADN then doing an RN to BSN program? Do I have any chance of getting a job while I wait to apply to BSN programs? Will having my RN help me get into a good well know BSN program (I have my eye on a few) Or is it just better to wait the 3 years and do a straight BSN program?

On top of this do any current LDRP nurses or midwives have any advice of what units or experience I can use to seguay into that field? Is med-surge or ER nursing counted as experience to get hired? I could probably easily get an ER job which I would prefer to med surge but I'm willing to do whatever I need to get to the place I want. Would looking in doula work be of any benefit or more of a waste of time?

Sorry for all the questions...I'm really looking forward to hearing from current nurses on recommendations based on what they see as trends now a days :)