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  1. And bathe patients. I always thought it was the RNs but someone else told me it was the CNAs who primarily did that?
  2. RNtobe23

    Are LPNs being phased out?

    And will eventually become extinct? And the current lpns will lose their jobs? If so I think that's a bit absurd. I think lpn programs are great for people who want to get into the nursing profession but cannot commit to a rn program right away or are not ready to become an rn level nurse. Also many people become lpns and then bridge over to rns later on. Do u think this will happen?
  3. RNtobe23

    RT vs. nursing?

    I know the differences In terms of how RTs focus a lot on one major organ system (the lungs) and RNs focus on a bit of everything. And RNs have more opportunity. But what else are the differences? Why do they have a specialist just for the lungs and not anything else? Why don't they just have "respiratory nurses" that take care of the lungs since they are capable of doing everything else?
  4. I ultimately want to become a psych nurse due to passion for mental health. I know that in the beginning I will probably have to be a regular floor nurse to gain experience and I am totally ok with that. But is it realistic to want to specialize in a special area? or should you just settle for whatever comes your way?
  5. Which would you recommend? I am completely torn between the two of them. Do psych nurses get involved in any of the psychosocial aspects of the psych patients or are they more so responsible for the medical status of the patients and the psychosocial issues are left primarily to the clinical social workers. I really like counseling people and helping them with various issues, but medical also interests me too. I know in nursing there are way more opportunities and the pay is generally better than social work. Any feedback would be great!
  6. RNtobe23

    teacher to nursing?

    As you probably know from my previous posts I have a previous degree in psych education.. I realized as I was entering the education program that this was not what I wanted to do, I realized I had a passion for nursing but alt that point it was too late to switch so I miserable pushed forward. Anyway by the time I got to student teaching I was completely depressed and all around miserable. I really realized that this is not what I want to do in my life. I was having frequent panic attacks and crying fits. After I graduated and got my degree I wanted to apply for a nursing program at my local community college but I just couldn't get past this never ending internal debate of feeling that my previous degree will be a complete waste if I go I to nursing and I feel ashamed. It holds me back and I keep trying to convince myself to go into my current field even tho I know it won't make me happy. What do you think?
  7. Or what else could you see yourself doing?
  8. Any career changers out there? if so, what did you do previously and what made you go into nursing?
  9. RNtobe23

    ADN - RN vs. Accelerated BSN

    Good afternoon everyone I am new here and its so nice to find a community where I can ask knowledgeable nurses first hand some important questions that I have. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and after I was almost done with my degree I realized that I really am into nursing and helping people in that sense. I forced myself to try and use my degree because I didn't want to feel like my degree in Psychology was a waste but there are just no opportunities in that field unless you have your doctorate degree and it just wasn't where my heard is set. So I am really considering pursuing my other passion of nursing. My main question is for a working individual who will be working full time would you recommend an associates in Nursing at a community college and then Bridging to an RN-BSN program later on or just go straight to an accelerated BSN program? I feel its impossible to do the accelerated program while working full time (going to part time isn't an option). Also, my next question is. If I become a nurse do you think my previous degree will be a waste? I can't help but feel guilty about that. Would the skills in that degree be valuable?