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Are LPNs being phased out?

RNtobe23 RNtobe23 (Member)

And will eventually become extinct? And the current lpns will lose their jobs?

If so I think that's a bit absurd. I think lpn programs are great for people who want to get into the nursing profession but cannot commit to a rn program right away or are not ready to become an rn level nurse. Also many people become lpns and then bridge over to rns later on.

Do u think this will happen?

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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No. There has been tall of phasing out LPNs for over 20 years. There are numerous threads on this subject on all nurses alone.

I wonder how on earth this keeps raising its head..... while a look around the forums might raise the question, a SECOND look around would also put it to rest.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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The American Nurses Association first proposed the gradual phasing-out of LPNs way back in 1965. Nearly 50 years later, it simply has not happened.

Many acute care hospitals across the country no longer utilize LPNs. However, LPNs are heavily utilized in private duty, long term care, home health, clinics, hospices, doctors offices, jails, prisons, group homes, rehab, psych, addictions, and other healthcare settings outside the acute care hospital.