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  1. Bunnytears777

    Gateway Community College Fall 2015

    Hello! I was just placed in the accelerated program at Gateway for Fall '15 as well! I can't wait to get the information packet and get started!
  2. Bunnytears777

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    Thank you! I was shocked! Gateway accelerated WAS my first choice! :)
  3. Bunnytears777

    Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

    I just found out today that I was placed at Gateway in the accelerated program. My time stamp was feb 6th, I believe...a whole 6 month wait!
  4. Okay, so two years ago I was attending Glendale CC and was doing well in block four. However, due to a miscarriage I became too emotionally overwhelmed to continue, and unfortunately dropped out of the program. I am now more than ready to get back into the program. I have read the advanced placement application, but nothing addresses my specific situation. Has anyone dropped out of block four and been able to get back in without taking the hesi pn, after a couple years?

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