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  1. Curious if anyone works in the NICU at All Children's in St. Pete or NICU at UF Health Gainesville? Thinking of moving back to Florida but have never worked at either of these places. Just wondering if either are good places to work, good to their nurses, understaffed, floats to other units, gets put on call a lot ,etc. Any insight would be helpful.
  2. ajbrooks

    Choa elgeston or Scottish rite

    @Hurleygirli1 Do they treat the nurses well? Do you work days or nights? Self schedule? If so, do you get what you put in pretty much?
  3. ajbrooks

    Choa elgeston or Scottish rite

    I am thinking about applying to the NICU in Atlanta at CHOA Elgeston or Scottish rite.Anyone know how it is to work for them?