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  1. Pathway to DNP

    There are BSN - DNP programs. If you are applying to a DNP you don't need too much experience applying because your first 2 years of the program are usually research based courses. If doing a RN - MSN program you may want to gain experience as an RN ...
  2. NP role in the Neuro ICU

    Hello, I work in a Neuro ICU that has no NP's or PA's working. Only residents. I am curious about the role and skills NP's perform in the environment. Could someone please help educate me on the topic? I appreciate your time greatly, thank you! Mowb...
  3. ANCC vs AANP?

    Hello, Being a Canadian that works in Michigan, I am clueless about the difference between writing your NP exam for ANCC or AANP. Both lead to licensure? If so, why have two different boards credentialing and writing exams? Why write one vs the othe...
  4. nurse)

    The diff between going right back to NP vs med students is that med school is starting from scratch, from the ground up because they know these students have no medical knowledge. NP education is different in the sense that the educational route is t...
  5. Physician Extender ???

    I am an RN going for my NP. It doesn't bother me as an RN nor will it bother me as an NP. I don't feel the term implies anything. I feel like a lot of HCP are just letting their ego get in the way, taking away from the main goal we are all working to...
  6. Physician Extender ???

    In the Detroit area we use the term mid level provider for both PAs and NPs. You will see this term often in job postings. I don't mind the term, yet many have voiced the fact that they don't like it because it implies we provide only "mid-level" ca...
  7. Wayne State DNP

    Juan you da man. You always have great responses. Hopefully i find good critical care placements
  8. Wayne State DNP

    Hello, I have just finished my application to Wayne State for the BSN-DNP track with an AG-ACNP specialty. Does WSU make you find your own clinical placements? Thank you for your time. Respectfully Yours, MowbrayRN
  9. NP vs PA duties in critical care I've heard the term used by both PAs and NPs. Thanks for the "helpful" comment...
  10. NP vs PA duties in critical care

    I will be working in Detroit
  11. NP vs PA duties in critical care

    Hello, I have recently been hired in the Neuro ICU in Michigan, where the only mid-level providers are PAs. I am interested in going for the ACNP to be a critical care NP. At my father's hospital NPs and PAs have the same tasks, pay, etc. Although at...
  12. Transducer Placement?

    In the CCU at my hospital we tape it to the pt, putting it on a poll leaves to much room for error and variability.
  13. New Grad Hired

    Thank you so much, I am so grateful for the detailed response!
  14. New Grad Hired

    Hello, I was just hired to start working in a Neuro ICU in Michigan starting late August. I was curious if any experienced nurses could explain common medications, diagnosis, and equipment that I should review before starting in a month and a half. I...
  15. Learning on the Job?

    Thank you for your response BostonFNP