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  1. OB_RN2014

    Computer error

    Was it during the exit palm scan that she couldn't pull you up on her system? How strange! Talk about increasing stress after the exam. Good luck to you!
  2. OB_RN2014

    What's $500 dollar NCLEX RN question?

    I did not use any review program. I did use my Saunders book, which was a required text so no additional cost to me! I passed in 75 questions and felt that it was a pretty easy exam! And I had about 50 SATA! Good luck to you! I'm very glad I did...
  3. OB_RN2014

    Help!!!Conflicting Vue trick results

    The open registration is different from the good pop up. I got it too when I checked too soon after my test. That's what you see before the test has been delivered and graded. The good pop up says our records indicate you have recently scheduled t...
  4. OB_RN2014

    New member, NCLEX success!

    The PVT was accurate for me, and so far all of my classmates who have taken it. As long as the test says it was delivered successfully and the pop up starts with "our records indicate..." I've heard it's pretty accurate. I couldn't fully trust it ...
  5. OB_RN2014

    nclex PVT tricks still works?

    It has worked for me and all of my classmates so far! I was still skeptical until I saw my license posted by my BON! Good luck!
  6. OB_RN2014

    New member, NCLEX success!

    Hey everyone! I found this forum just a week before I sat for my NCLEX RN. I found a lot of good information here and appreciated the stories, study tips and preparation strategies! I'm thrilled to have passed my NCLEX in 75 questions. I we...
  7. OB_RN2014

    Did I really just pass??

    My computer shut off at 75 questions too. At least 50 were SATA! I was getting one after the next sata. I'd have a run of 5 in a row and then a single answer question or ordering question then back to back SATA again. I passed too!
  8. OB_RN2014

    NCLEX Results

    I took my NCLEX this Monday. My license was updated to active around 6 pm Wednesday. It showed up as active just 3 hours after quick results became available. Do NOT waste your money on quick results! I'm so glad I resisted the temptation! Goo...
  9. OB_RN2014

    Help! I got 2 different pop ups!

    This happened to a friend of mine recently. She got the good pop up and then the hold message. She passed, but it was stressful 2 days while waiting for the state board to update her status!