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  1. CodeBrownQueen

    Papers/Research only RN-BSN....

    ....does it exist? I don't want to end up in a program where I'm slaving for hours studying for exams. I work 150-200 hours, on average, every two weeks. I can, and would rather, bang out a paper every few days. TIA!
  2. CodeBrownQueen

    Benzo withdraw careplan

    Hi All, I'm trying to put together a careplan r/t withdraw but all I can seem to find info on is ETOH. Anyone have any experience writing one up r/t to benzos? TIA
  3. CodeBrownQueen

    Concorde LPN - RN Program

    Hi All, Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Are there any here who have done the LPN to RN bridge at Concorde in the state of Florida (preferably South Florida). I'm curious about the testing out of pharmacology they have.
  4. CodeBrownQueen

    Mercy Miami

    Going to Mercy is a massive regret for me...the biggest waste of time and money ever.
  5. CodeBrownQueen

    Mercy Miami

    Hi shablue, I posted my review of Mercy Hospital on the school/university forum. Bottom line? If you are in Broward you're better off going to Sheridan/ATT Tech/ McFatter. Even better? Get your pre-reqs from BC and (you only need 36 credits compared to a full AA) and get your bachelors.
  6. Hi All, So several of you have asked me for my thoughts on Mercy Hospital's LPN and LPN - RN bridge program. Let me start by saying I have only completed the LPN program, however, the administrators are the same for both programs and the majority of what I write will apply unilaterally. Let's start with the positives: Hospital based Most of the professors actually give two shakes of a lamb's tail Professors liaison with clinical floors to ensure students have ample learning experience One, of the two clinical professors I had, is a beast and you really learn a lot (she is an old school nurse) if you aren't there to just pass time You can complete co-requisites while taking nursing classes (not recommended) Now the cons: Communication and clarification is abysmal and varies dependent on who you speak with Administration loves to posture and make egregious claims regarding the program No Federal student loans, you either qualify for Pell Grants or you pay out of pocket (do not expect this to be disclosed to you up front) $1200 non-refundable registration and administrative fees NOT covered by financial aid Theory and clinical pedagogy is varied between day and night programs Be prepared to listen to droning and slide reading, there were only 3 lecture professors who actually taught Theory and ATI are not parallel and there is disparity in theory education if the goal is to teach for the NCLEX Tests are 1+1=2 type reasoning and most questions have 3 answers so blatantly wrong only one could be write Schedule was consistently changed, even with a syllabus, every semester (my cohort ended up with 11 tests in 2 weeks [including a final exam] during the second semester because of the 3 Ps) No extended breaks between semesters (we got a week between Christmas and New Years and then back again on January 4) ATI is bundled into tuition fees with no opportunities to buy/rent independently Gotta drive to the hood to buy uniforms (females don't go by yourself or later in the day) All clinicals are held at Mercy Hospital exclusively with the exception of pediatrics (Miami Children's and the CP home on 163rd and 95) Administration likes to use scare-mongering tactics to achieve a desired outcome Absolutely NO financial aid for the LPN - RN program, 100% out of pocket Asides: Administration will tell you graduation is required if you want to come to the LPN - RN program, this is illegal, they just want to make sure students show up to graduation Enrollment is down, they are accepting everyone who passes the entrance exam and meets the entrance requirements New uniforms effective May 2017 NCLEX pass rates to-date for the LPN - RN program are down and currently Keiser University Miami Campus and Broward College have better NCLEX pass rates LPN - RN requires Saturday clinicals
  7. CodeBrownQueen

    Mercy Miami

    Hi shablue, Not sure where that info came from, but hats actually wrong...Mercy does not guarantee you employment. I PMed you, check your messages :)
  8. CodeBrownQueen

    Mercy Miami

    Hi shablue, I can't believe it's been a month since I told myself I would write you back! Many apologies. Are you still looking for info?
  9. CodeBrownQueen

    ABG Interpretation...Not The Norm

    Thank you!
  10. CodeBrownQueen

    ABG Interpretation...Not The Norm

    Thank you, this was for a case study and careplans. I'm just in LPN school but if it's abnormal we have to discuss/cover it. I wasn't going to be on the floor again before it was due. These results were given on the last day of clinicals/school for the week.
  11. CodeBrownQueen

    ABG Interpretation...Not The Norm

    Hi VB, Forgive the severe truncation . Based on your knowledge, and the values presented, are you familiar with what the abnormalities indicate? Or is there some kind of standardized algorithm like the *blood gasses* (pH, PaCo2, HCO3) for determining the respiratory status?
  12. CodeBrownQueen

    ABG Interpretation...Not The Norm

  13. CodeBrownQueen

    ABG Interpretation...Not The Norm

    I forgot to include: the sample is arterial.
  14. CodeBrownQueen

    ABG Interpretation...Not The Norm

    Hi All, Lowly student here with the results of an "expanded" ABG lab study and I have no clue what I am looking at beyond pH, PCO2, HCO3 and am hoping someone can clarify. Specimen type: Arterial pH: 7.41 pCO2: 36.8 pO2: 224.6 (High) ABG HCO3: 22.7 ABG O2 Sat Cal/Meas: 99.5 ABG Base Excess: -1.5 ABG Hemoglobin: 12.2 ABG Oxyhemoglobin: 69.40 (Low) ABG Carboyhemoglobin: 0.3 ABG Methemoglobin: 0.6 Allen Test: N/A Sodium: 124.3 (Low) Potassium: 4.3 Vent Mode: AC Vent Rate: 14.00 FiO2: 100 Tidal Volume: 450 PEEP or CPAP: 10 Unless indicated labs are normal, the patient is on a TP vent. I am aware the last five items are related to the vent and vent settings, I included them for reference and a bit of background. By all tense and purposes the ABGs are "normal". Patient may be hyperoxygenated based on the pO2? Not sure though and any insight would be appreciated. Cheers.
  15. CodeBrownQueen

    LPN to BSN bridge How Long

    I am looking for LPN-BSN bridge programs also, and found one at U of OK completed in 2 semesters full time or 2 yrs part time.
  16. CodeBrownQueen

    Titers for Admission

    Hello, So I had titers run (unbeknownst to me) by an employer in 2012 (a good lesson in paying attention to what you sign), and my MMR came back with one of the "M"s lower than suggested while the other two are through the roof. I am now trying to get into nursing school and am afraid I will be forced to retake the immunization. I'm not anti-vax, per se, but I'm not all about injecting myself with all the vaccines the FDA "suggests" unnecessarily either. I am not putting this up here to start a flaming war on the vax/no vax topic. If you are incapable of providing intelligent, non-accusatory, informative responses do no reply; and do not hijack this thread and turn it into a vax vs non-vax debate, I will report you. Cheers