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    Choosing the right school

    Help! I am so confused about which schools to apply for and which schools are the best. I currently go to Clark College in Vancouver, and am taking my pre-requisites for nursing. But I am almost done and will soon have to decide where to go next. As of December I will be finished with my Pre-nursing AAS/MRP and I do not know if I should continue at Clark's nursing school or transfer to a 4 year program. My major goal is to become a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) and will probably go to OHSU since it is local. And I also know that Portland Community College has the same OCNE curriculum that OHSU has, so I wonder of going there would be advantageous. So in everyone's opinions, which direction is best: 1. Stay at Clark for AARN ---> Get BSN through WSUV ---> Get CRNA through OHSU 2. Transfer to PCC for AARN ---> Get BSN and CRNA through OHSU OR 3. Transfer straight into OHSU's BSN program ---> Get CRNA through OHSU 4. Transfer to Concordia's BSN program ---> Get CRNA through OHSU 5. Transfer to University of Portland's BSN program --->CRNA through OHSU There are just SO many options and I feel lost in a sea of colleges. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.