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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a PMHNP student looking to establish a professional relationship while having an opportunity to intern at your facility. I am a student of St.Thomas University located in Wesley Chapel, Fl. I am a compassiona...
  2. St. Thomas University Miami FNP Program

    I'm in 530 psychopathology with (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME). This is my first experience with (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME), (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) on the other hand I have had her for all of the major courses. She has not been easy instructor.
  3. St. Thomas University Miami FNP Program

    Are you in psychopathology by chance ??
  4. St. Thomas University Miami FNP Program

    I am currently enrolled and I have had to drop classes on 2 occasions related to incorrect text book posted at the bookstore.I have experienced difficulties throughout the program such as studying for test and test content was not over material cov...
  5. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Even better. But you can work in hospice with your CNA as some companys pay as much as 15.00 hour.
  6. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Once you make it through Fundamentals you are eligible to take state certification and get your CNA lisence.
  7. PHCC Fall 2014 hopefuls!

    Looking to buy Text books for Transition program.
  8. PHCC Fall 2014 hopefuls!

    Any body in the lpn to rn bridge proram for Fall 2014.I just got into 2015 Spring Bridge program at the Porter campus, and am looking for any used Text books.Please send me a message through this site ofr feel free to email me
  9. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Yes Transition!!!!
  10. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I got in good luck to you Risky!!!
  11. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Thank you
  12. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I got in Just got my letter today good luck too you!!
  13. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    As far as being accepted.It just depends on the spread of scores that came in.
  14. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I am not sure.I am assuming we will not have any breaks and carry on thru summer.So what was your teas score? I noticed you did not post your scores? I am feeling a little lonely .I believe there is only one other bridge applicant that posted scores.
  15. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Any more Bridge applicants???I called and I was told there was 43 applicants total for Bridge program.
  16. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I applied with a 3.3 GPA and a 69.3 Teas
  17. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    That would be great if there was not as many applicants.
  18. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Anymore bridge applicants?????
  19. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Yes There is a Bridge program at Porter Campus they are only accepting 12 seats for January 2015
  20. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    69.3 Tease 3.3 GPA Pasco resident
  21. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    Applying for the Bridge Program
  22. PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    69.3 Teas 3.3 GPA Pasco residence
  23. PHCC Fall 2014 hopefuls!

    I know that fact I wish I knew how exactly the calculations were done to calculate actual scores.
  24. PHCC Fall 2014 hopefuls!

    I am not sure I just wish they would let us know exactly before we apply
  25. PHCC Fall 2014 hopefuls!

    3.3/65.3/transition/? Mapac