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    Greetings my fellow nurses! I work for this small home care agency that send staffing to people's home with skilled nursing needs.i was trained only 1day and was ask to commit to work the following day.in a shift I didn't apply.i applied for days or noc but was assigned to work for pm In my 3rd day working alone upon arriving to pt apt(I'm to take care of a 6yr old mentally and physically challenge kid)the mother has profuse sweating report of vomiting and feeling of impending doom and etc.she said she took a sublingual naloxone combined with her other adhd And she want to call 911 but hesitate too she show me a med packet in an envelop.finally be coz her symptoms gotten worse she decided to call 911 paramedics arrived I hear the emt saying if u decided to go basically we will treat u like a heroine addict the woman refused to go and I was assign to sign as a witness.when paramedics left mother displays paranoia and told me I might go to jail.i did not fail to report this to my agency I relayed a message that the kid is not safe in this situation since we usually left the kid to her care after our shift The following day I refused to go to this assignment I told the agency there is a safety issue as possible substance abuse by the mother risking child endangerment and also not conducive to my working environment,the agency told me the mother is okay and they just talk to her and her drugs is priscripted,this is just by phone call to the mother with out going and assessing to the area.i was told I abandoned my shift.i also mention to them my husband don't want me to go in a work with safety issues unless it is cleared by proper authority.my husband know no name and circumstances.i was told by agency I violated hipaa. I felt like they are treating and harassing me.when I report the pt environment was not safe I was replied "hang on there it's nursing 101 triage.LOL" I have to call the police for safety check of the child be coz they didn't after 24hrs.i felt they should have notified the county or social workers child protection and assessment the area before I will work there again. My fellow nurses do I have a good case to defend myself when I stand for the BON since they threat me to be reported and they will come after my license