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  1. CampNurse10

    certificaiton exam

    Hi all, This is going to be the year that I plan to take the certification exam. I was trying to find a copy of the study book from the NASN website and it seems they don't sell it anymore. For all who took the exam recently, what was the most helpful resources you used to study? Where did you get them from? What did you think of the exam? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. CampNurse10

    camp meds

    Hi Everyone, What does your camp do for medication administration? Has anyone ever had "camp meds" pre package their campers medications (or the parents are supposed to do it)? It looks like a great service and I would hope my camp moves in that direction. Just curious on other nurses input. Thanks!
  3. This is my 2nd year in and I'm struggling with the same. I feel lonely and isolated (although I'm not the only nurse, its so busy, no socialization whatsoever, so different from the hospital). The parents drive me nuts. Everything seems like its a dire emergency, like we are an urgent care clinic (and yes sometimes there are REAL emergencies!). The amount of allergies, asthma, behaviors, medications, etc etc is astounding. I love working with the kiddos but I'm not sure I can stay in this job until retirement, but struggle with that bc the benefits are the best in the nursing world (I think).
  4. Hi I was wondering how many people work 2 jobs. I am a school nurse but held onto my per diem hospital job and am thinking of quitting and letting go of hospital nursing for good. I worked so many years in the hospital setting and have been hesitant to let it go. It is good extra money, but not totally necessary. The reason I kept it was more to "keep up my skills" and also it was tough for me to say goodbye. The per diem obligation is 2 weekend shifts per month, which doesn't sound like a lot, but I work 40 hours a week at the school, so basically I'm working Mon-Sat 2 weeks a month, and it screws up my 3 day weekends/holiday time. I don't see myself leaving school nursing anytime soon, unless I get my masters degree and move onto something else... and if I do that I probably won't go back to school for at least another 3-4 years. As a nurse, the school schedule is the best there is so I don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon. What are others thoughts on this? Do you have a 2nd job you are hesitant to give up? I am not sure what I should do! I want to quit so bad but at the same time I feel like if I quit, that part of nursing will be over for me forever and I'm sad to let it go!
  5. CampNurse10

    Insulin Pump at 4 week camp

    Hi I will be a camp nurse for the first time at a 4 week sleep away camp in the woods. I will be the RN stationed in the infirmary and I'll be working 6 days, with 1 day off per week. There is a doctor's office within a short drive from the camp, and a hospital about 30-45 minutes away. I just found out that there is a 10 year old child who was diagnosed with diabetes in the past year and JUST started on a pump. The camp starts mid July. This camp is set in the woods, probably swimming in the lake every day, overnight hikes, etc. I am not too familiar with insulin pumps but can certainly figure it out. I feel a bit nervous where it is so new to this child. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Thoughts/advice?
  6. CampNurse10

    Do you do "formal" teaching?

    Hi everyone, I am new this year and am wondering what other school nurses do as far as teaching. I know we teach everyday all of the time, but do you ever have any assembly's or go into classrooms and do "formal" teaching? And if so, do you use powerpoint/resources? Thanks
  7. CampNurse10

    Anyone work in Vermont?

    Hi everyone, I am currently a school nurse and applied for a summer camp position in Vermont. Has anyone ever worked in any camps there? I am from MA. If I get the position I will apply for a VT license, but I'm curious how med administration works, is it the same as schools, copy of md order and parent fills out paperwork? Is summer camp nursing more lax on certain procedures or are they similar to school nursing? Any tips/pointers/input? Thanks!
  8. CampNurse10

    Small gift for my frequent visitors

    I'm new this year, I was thinking of getting a very small Christmas something for my frequent visitors that I see daily(asthma kids etc). Do you think that would be OK or is that not appropriate? What are others doing?
  9. CampNurse10

    Asthma/lung posters/teaching

    I am a new school nurse this year and I have a lot of asthma kids (as I'm sure everyone does!) and I have a few bad asthmatics. I have searched on the american lung assoc website and the asthma/allergy network looking for posters of lungs, explaining asthma, or other visuals I can post in the office and I literally can't find anything. I found a DVD that I ordered for free and gave to one of my students but that was about it. Any ideas on where I can find these things and preferably for free? I see them hanging in doctors offices all the time! Also, what sort of asthma teaching do you do?
  10. CampNurse10

    How do you store epi pens?

    Hi, I'm just wondering how other nurses store their epi pens. I have them all jumbled up in my emergency bag and I only have one of those blue/green epi pen organizers. I was thinking of the clear plastic shoe rack that I've seen pictures of online.
  11. CampNurse10

    Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    A first grader: "I can't button my pants". I buttoned his pants for him.