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  1. Anonymous87

    Balancing Academic/License Responsibilities

    Hi everyone, I was hoping our kind SRNAs on allnurses might help me out. I'm worried that I might be limited in exploring degrees unless I complete specific courses during undergrad. How did many of you flourish as a new RN, complete biochem and all the prereqs leading to it, studied for the GRE and maintained a healthy lifestyle? Am I going to be in trouble when maintaining my license and clinical skills if I can't immediately knock off both general chemistry courses? How did many of you negotiate hours for post-bacc courses once you were established and fully competent in your nursing roles? I'd also hate to be recruited and trained only to burn bridges by abruptly leaving after a few years or changing hours. Thanks!
  2. Anonymous87

    Male CNA while finishing prerequisites for nursing

    Don't worry about age. I earned my CNA at 26. Now I am 30 and on the BSN track for summa. The oldest man I have seen earn his CNA was in his sixties. Nobody is going to look down on you if you're pleasant to be around, dependable, and fun to work with. You will probably meet and fit right in with other people your age. The profession is widely like an intramural sport: By and large everyone wants to help each other out and age isn't important. Many universities also love and welcome us non-traditionals. Many older adults feel as though higher-education is out of reach. But even at my age I have a great shot at MD/DO/NP programs. If you have a bachelor's from your aerospace experience, then consider looking into an accelerated BSN program. Male issues in the field? My impression is that we're apt to be charged with the most laborious tasks. Nursing is unfortunately associated with back injuries and an overall physical toll. Coworkers might think of you and enlist your help for the next bariatric or combative client. There are also some clients with preferences against a man caring for them. There might be situations where a chauffeur might be appropriate as you work with some individuals. By conducting yourself professionally, while also assessing the level of comfort of those you care for, there is nothing to be scared of.
  3. Anonymous87

    Navigating ADN/BSN Limbo

    After further investigation it would seem the ADN route is going to be difficult. The local two year institutions do not transfer their completed credits. I've been informed that I would need to complete the entire four years of curriculum to earn any bachelor degree regardless of graduating from associate programs through these particular community colleges. I might be okay with that. But only if I can work in a hospital with an ADN and they'll feel generous enough to pay for my continuing education to BSN. Does anyone know how that works exactly? It seems like too much to hope for so I wonder how realistic that outlook is. I'll look into ADN programs but I doubt many two year colleges offer student housing. It's an idea though and I'll look into it today.
  4. Anonymous87

    Navigating ADN/BSN Limbo

    Hello everyone. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback to some brief and general questions. I find myself in a bit of a pinch in selecting a nursing program. I've carefully looked through several bachelor of science in nursing and associates degree in nursing programs. I'm strongly considering applying for a BSN program because I want to pursue a specialized field later in life. The only problem is that I'm looking at 1100 yearly applicants to 48 enrolled students for the program I've investigated. So I was wondering if those numbers are typical or should I look elsewhere? I was also wondering how easy it is to complete a ADN program and then enroll in a BSN program after the fact? Are there any avenues out there that won't involve retaking an entire four years worth of curriculum if I go this route? Thank you for any input!

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