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  1. TM856

    Ocu kramer?

    Sure Izzy, Just e-mail that addy i posted above. We can meet up and I'll try to answer any questions.
  2. TM856

    Expensive but easier to get into schools- Fear

    I'm starting the ABSN program at the Kramer School of Nursing at Oklahoma City University next month. It is a expensive private University with no wait list but after the G.I. bill and their yellow ribbon program all I pay for is $100 for parking a year and if books go over the stipend, which they haven't for pre-req classes and right at it for the first terms nursing books if you get the online used ones. You might want to look into it. I've enjoyed the last couple of terms here getting my nursing pre-reqs done. There's some bad press on here about the school from a couple of years ago, but talking to the current students in the program it's not as horrible as I've read and I've talk to a bunch of them. The classes aren't easy but I think that's most Nursing programs. Well i hope it is.... The Vet rep and people in the finance office are great.
  3. TM856

    OKCU: Kramer nursing Fall 2014

    I'm starting the accelerated program this fall also.
  4. TM856

    Who's taking summer courses?

    I took a 3 week world lit class.....uuugh! I wouldn't recommend a class that compressed! also took college algebra(nursing school wouldn't accept my stats from another school) and Spanish 1. Currently taking Spanish 2 so when I begin the nursing program this fall all I have left are the nursing classes and 1 art class.
  5. TM856

    Ocu kramer?

    Hello, I'll be starting the Kramer nursing program this fall also. I've been going there the last couple terms to catch up on some pre-reqs and a couple GER's. I have enjoyed the school/campus so far. The area around the campus is weird. Directly around it is kinda run down but a few blocks away you have very nice neighborhoods. It's in the middle of everything around the city. I haven't had any nursing classes except for the nutrition but that instructor was good. The class wasn't very challenging, but it was only nutrition. If you have any other questions about the area or campus let me know trmorton@my.okcu.edu