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Currently employeed as a Nurse Tech, on my way to becoming an R.N.

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  1. How to spend my summer

    Hi all. So in May I finished my first year of nursing school. During the first two semesters, I worked as a nurse assistance (nurse tech) on a med-surg floor in a small local hospital. Working part time (two-12hr shifts a week) during school wasn't a...
  2. Midterm blurb

    I used to have braces, so when I started to grind I just pop in my old retainer. It's the only thing that keeps me from ruining my teeth. Good luck!
  3. Midterm blurb

    So it's halfways through the first semester. And despite the long hours in school, reading, studying, working, grinding my teeth, and spending all my earned income on Red Bull, I am surviving. So far everyone has talked about having mini-meltdowns a...
  4. Thrive rather than survive

    What was the name of the app you used? That sounds like something useful to have =)
  5. How Soon Should I Begin Studying for NCLEX

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the input! I'll definately look into the Nugent and Vitale book, and the Mosby's as well.
  6. Hi all, I was accepted this summer into an ADN program and we begin classes in a couple of weeks. I've already purchased books and done some minimal research in regards to NCLEX prep (I found a Saunders 4e and was considering purchasing 5e). I've hea...
  7. Textbooks

    Hey all! So my program starts this fall and I'm pricing textbooks. I was wondering, after nursing school, did you continue using your books? Should I pay and "invest" in my books or should I rent them? The first semester's books will be used in the f...