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  1. klhmom

    Telehealth interview in 2 days

    Thanks for the response..perfexion
  2. klhmom

    Telehealth interview in 2 days

    Hello all, I have an interview for a telehealth " telephone triage nurse" in a few days? Just curious on what type of questions to expect? I am excited and nervous at the same time..thanks in advance
  3. klhmom

    South University Adults/FNP

    Hey kathy0421, I started the fnp program on 6/29/15.. I am doing post master route so a few of my classes transferred. I'm currently in role of aprn
  4. klhmom

    Staff development coordinators

    Hello all, I'm interested in getting into staff development. Just want to know how you all got started? Are any of you guys members of any of the nurse staff development organizations, If so which one? Any feedback is appreciated.. Thanks in advance
  5. klhmom


    Okay. Thanks for the information.
  6. klhmom


    Hello all, I am looking to order books for next semester? Are there any websites that has discounted textbooks? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  7. klhmom


    Hey Guys, I am starting the FNP post masters Certificate course next month. I have orientation tomorrow and just wandering what to expect at this time. How was orientation for any of you all? What all were discussed, etc.? I know that it will be different depending on the program/school you are attending, but I just want an overall general idea of what to expect. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey ladies How long did it take before knowing if you got in the program? I just applied for spring 2015 term