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I moved out to LA after leaving my job in NYC and traveling the world for a year. I went back to school after not being able to find work. I like to say I was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but grew up in NYC.

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  1. Transfer student in California

    Getting my acceptance letter to nursing school was the happiest day of my life! A semester and two failed classes later, I am officially OUT of nursing school. I tried a medical appeal but they still said no. How many of you have gone through this ...
  2. You are AWESOME for your consideration as I have had a few girlfriends give up their nursing dreams because their husbands were not supportive. There are a few girls in my class whom I would be surprise will be able to finish because of boyfriends a...
  3. First Semester Flunkie!

    Thanks GL for you reply. My intention was not to lie, but I was wondering if I could start as a new applicant. If anyone would ever be caught in a lie, it would be me LOL. My school does not have an appeals process, it is two strikes and you are ...
  4. First Semester Flunkie!

    Hey Guys I have just failed both med surg AND pharmacology in my first semester which means I am most likely out of my schools program. I am not giving up nursing that easily. I am going to look for another program, but must I apply as a transfer or...
  5. Always the Instructor's Fault......

    I love my school and program, but pharm, which is not easy has been made more difficult by the instructor. She emphasizes knowing the class of drugs and how they work but her exams ALWAYS have the names of drugs which she insists we do not need to k...
  6. Newbie student at 50

    Me too!
  7. Newbie student at 50

    Just started this week and turned 51 back in October! From my first class I can already see how my age and wisdom and leadership skills will benefit my class. I am going to struggle hard physically.....at first and then I will be able to keep up w...
  8. American Red Cross CNA Training?

    My friend did the Red Cross program, it is short and intense and in her class, a high freak out rate. Since you are here in LA, I did mine at Burbank Adult school, it was 389 bucks instead of 1500 and it lasted a whole semester, so you got to ease i...
  9. teas prep help, Adkins Academy

    I am starting with ACLS the beginning of August. So the 499 does not include the test? I have the book and have starting reading it already. How did taking the test this time with the class differ from the other times and if you don't mind my askin...