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  1. gabester88

    Newly registered Nurse Job tips?

    It is called "Avail Home Health" give them a call or go to their website and fill out an info card and they will get to u in a couple days or so.
  2. gabester88

    If you're looking for a job in spokane!

  3. Hey guys there's a job opening in Spokane for Avail Home Health. I'm leaving soon and they're looking for a replacement on a great case. Lpns Rns and new grads are welcomed. :)
  4. gabester88

    Newly registered Nurse Job tips?

    Yes they do. It's a great first job and helps u build confidence. I don't know where ur located but the case I'm working is in spokane and I'm leaving soon so they're trying to find a replacement asap! Give them a call! :)
  5. gabester88

    Newly registered Nurse Job tips?

    Try avail home health. They're looking for new rns
  6. gabester88

    If you're looking for a job in spokane!

  7. If you're looking for a good lpn or rn job look into Avail Home Nursing. It's specialty home case care. The main office is in Yakima but they have cases here in spokane. New grads are also welcomed and pretty good pay. (509) 966-8000 is their number, just helping any of you guys that r looking for something! :)
  8. gabester88

    Endorsement from Ca to WA

    hey guys so recently i passed my nclex for california and received my license. However i moved to washington and applied for an endorsement about a week ago. I was just offered a position but they are waiting for that endorsement to go through. does anybody know how long it takes for it to go through or if i can do anything at all to make it go by faster? any help would be great thanks!
  9. gabester88

    New grad in spokane wa/coeur d'alene area

    Oops forgot to add.. I'm in a dilemma when it comes to that. Since I live in coeur d'Alene idaho which is about 20 min from spokane washington I wasn't sure if I should just apply for jobs in both states and whatever response I got first I would send in the endorsement application for that particular state.
  10. Hey guys I just passed my boards for CA but have recently moved to coeur d'Alene idaho. I was wondering if there's any hospitals that you know of that would hire me as a new grad! I'm so excited to start and would love any help or leads! :)

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