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Endorsement from Ca to WA

by gabester88 gabester88 (New) New

hey guys so recently i passed my nclex for california and received my license. However i moved to washington and applied for an endorsement about a week ago. I was just offered a position but they are waiting for that endorsement to go through. does anybody know how long it takes for it to go through or if i can do anything at all to make it go by faster? any help would be great thanks!

Nothing makes it faster and it takes about 4 weeks.

Though it takes about 4 weeks for Washington to endorse licenses, California is the hold up here. I did the same thing about a year ago, before California became even more back logged on approvals with their new system. Though on Washington's side everything was processed quickly, it took nearly 3 months for California to confirm and to receive my license.

I think California is getting things straightened out--I got my confirmation on their end about six weeks after I sent it in. It was taking three months earlier this year. As far as I know, there's nothing you can do to speed things up on the California end.

Hey gabester, I'm a new grad from CA too ( RN ADN). How's the job market in WA ( Seattle+ surrounding areas; and Tacoma+ surrounding areas.

Thanks guys

Did you pay the $30 fee for NURSYS license verification? That's what I did, it was sent immediately. Just sent in my fingerprint card and waiting on my background check to be completed. I'm guessing it'll take a few weeks, maybe by Sept 1st. :up:


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Hey guys I'm currently in the process of endorsing my license from CA to WA, does anyone have any idea how long it will take? I'm at week 7 since I mailed everything in and all my checks have cleared. The WA nursing site just lists my license as pending. Any info on timeline from your recent experience would be appreciated.