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  1. Nurse in a bar... Should you help?

    Legal and ethical are two different constructs. There are many things a nurse does based on ethics. Care of self is put on the same level of importance as care of others (per ANA); if you think about it, failing to care for yourself (say doing mouth ...
  2. Should Our Study Group Allow a Failing Student to Join?

    I'm all for collaboration and helping those who help themselves. Doing both elevates the profession: collaborate rather than competitive, a hand up for the person who does take the initiative to get it together to become competent is fine. Even with ...
  3. Do you talk to your coworkers alot on your lunch break?

    I can see this coming down the pike: me getting branded as not social. In truth, the stimulation of hospital cafeterias during meal times does me in. I like small scale socialization. Should probably do some more "exposure therapy" to the feeding fre...
  4. New Nurse on Paxil

    I've only ever been given ativan for rest prior to surgery. I didn't take it since I hate not being "with it". As for anesthesiology, no I didn't "bite the bullet", but I have to confess being put under was one of my big anxieties about that procedu...
  5. Nursing with a hearing loss: Yes you can!

    Trying to learn auscultation, I assumed I might have a hearing impairment I hadn't known about before nursing school. I was immediately panicked that I might not be able to perform (if nothing else, a nurse must be capable of assessment). My instruc...
  6. 9 Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    Still a student and have not chosen a focus area yet, but have loved all my OR observation experiences. OR nurses as a group seem to be excellent teachers. Thank you for these tips
  7. New Nurse on Paxil

    I think the take home from all of this could be "individual results may vary". Work with your doc to figure out what does. I can really understand though the desire to bounce this off others, not for medical advice (as we are all required not to be g...
  8. Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    It is not inappropriate to stand up for yourself, but how you do that can determine whether you achieve your desired goal (respect). It's possible that many peoples' first gut reaction might be to want to take the guy down a peg. And it may have felt...
  9. Nurses- medical provider needs your opinion!

    This reflects what pretty much everyone has already said, but when I read "mundane questions" and "lack critical thinking" my first thought was they are probably nurses with a healthy respect of scope of practice and and a smart inclination to protec...
  10. How to deal with stereotypes and vicious people

    It can be surprising and hurtful when people say stuff like that, but you have to realize it says more about him than it does about you. Same goes for people who offer the "grow a thicker skin" attitude when you clearly are asking for support. I know...
  11. Nursing Student Doubts

    I feel like I'm in the same place. I know you are looking for people who have longer perspective who can tell you this is normal and you will get there. I will start my third semester this fall, so I don't have a work history to base this on. I too t...
  12. Redefining "Abuse"

    There may be some legal or policy and procedure manual that says somewhere there needs to be intent, but I don't believe all definitions of abuse come to that same conclusion. Many define abuse as misuse or mistreatment. I think one concept that is p...
  13. Redefining "Abuse"

    I have seen this (a friend caring for an abusive family member). We naturally think about the vulnerability created by age (and yes, that's very real). This points out the vulnerability to abuse created in some cases by caring.
  14. How Nurses Can Create An Autism Friendly Emergency Room

    As a former teacher, people "on the spectrum" were some of my favorite students. A common dislike of fire drills, pep rallies and school vacation may have been at the root of this affinity. I was reading up on migraines about fMRI studies that demon...
  15. ATI Med/Surg (Chronic Care)

    You make me smile: ATI hospital, NCLEX hospital and real world hospital sounds like we are living in three parallel universes. Sometimes when I take those tests, I think we are The books are a good suggestion. In the beginning I was not using them m...