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  1. angelluv

    lpn wanting to earn my rn

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying to look for the same thing but it is hard. I want to do it online because I have to work full time. I did finish all my pre requisite and ready to do it but so far no luck at all. Where do you live if you don;t mind me asking. Online is not hard I took some classes online and it is pretty reasonable. let me know if this help you.
  2. angelluv

    LPN to RN bridge programs in the Bay Area

    Is there anyone knows online courses for the bridge program LPN_ RN. I know suzanne said the Indiana state Univ. but there is so much requirements if anyone can help much appreciated.
  3. angelluv

    Getting into Maui Community College Nursing Program

    hi Lisa, just curious did you get in to maui community college pls. let me know. thanks
  4. angelluv

    Is there anybody who became from RPN to RN

    hello, I'm doing the bridge program right now and work full time but I do live in the US. It is hard but you can do it the B and B plus forget about that the most important thing is the learning process. Nursing is a critical thinker there are people who graduated with honors or good grades but can't think. Well you just have to manage your time. Good luck to you.
  5. people you are making a big deal about language in jesus time everybody speaks the same lingua. But everybody wants their own way that is why we have different language now. I think we should just get along no matter what language you speak accent or with accent we still can understand each other capiz everyone. We should live by faith alone and not to be perfect.
  6. angelluv

    Sleepwalker found frozen after taking Ambien

    Not to worry sometimes we have no control of what we said and nothing to worry about. The best medicine is prayers. Sometimes when I cannot sleep I pray my rosary and it put me to sleep. Take care of yourself and I will include you to my prayers hopefully things will be better even though will be slow but surely eh! Take one day at the time life is too short to be worrying about little things you have a wider responsibility in life just look at the bigger pictures. Bye.....:wink2:
  7. angelluv

    Sleepwalker found frozen after taking Ambien

    I'm sorry to hear that. I did not mean for you though I'm just answering the question of sleepwalker found dead. It is hard to get an insomnia because hard to function in day to day lives. Well hanging there I'm sure it will be better eventually for you.
  8. angelluv

    Sleepwalker found frozen after taking Ambien

    Any sleeping pills I think is horrible the damage can do to your body is tremendously dangerous. But i know most of the patients in the nursing home I work take ambien and it works wonders for them and they are happy about it. So what ever feels good works eh!:wink2:
  9. angelluv

    Canadian nurses working/commuting to the US

    What part of canada do you live. I'm very suprise that there still no jobs in canada i thought there is a shortage of nurses. anyway goodluck to you.
  10. yes, I do understand that patients need to know what is being said but, they can ask the nurse to speak slowly. Some patients are miserable and grouchhhhhhhhhhy anyway and doctor think they are higher being. Humor is medicine for the heart if this patient just try to be nicer they might be cured fast and send home.:wink2:
  11. Hellooooooo all, I need to ask two questions to those just finish their Rpn"s or started in the program. Is the mental health and pediactric clinical is included in the curriculum, The reason I ask I moved to hawaii and I have my credentials evaluated and the cgfns said I don;t have those two things that I have mention. Is there anyone who can answer me because I don't think it's the part of the curriculum, Thanks for the reply
  12. angelluv

    Questions on the NCLEX I took yesterday

    Thank you for responding to my post. Good luck to your exams.Elena
  13. angelluv

    Questions on the NCLEX I took yesterday

    Yes I will have the visa. I will be leaving there permanently with my spouse. Thank you for the tips abt. which book is good I really appreciate it a lot.
  14. angelluv

    Questions on the NCLEX I took yesterday

    Hi Suzanne, I'm New In This Forum And I'm Not Replying On Anita's Question. I Have A Question Of My Own To Ask. I Will Be Moving In The States In Few Months But I'm An Reg.pract.nurse In Canada And I Would Like To Write The Lpn Exam. Can You Pls. Suggest A Good Book To Review For The Lpn Exams. Thank You In Advance. Elena