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  1. lekina27

    RN to BSN OHSU or WSUV

    That is awesome! I have a couple of friends who chose to do Linfield's RN to BSN program! I'm just having trouble deciding who to actually start their program with? Touch decisions!
  2. lekina27

    Legacy Versant RN Residency Summer 2014 Cohort :-)

    My first was ICU too! The critical care section seemed very popular! I will be at the pre-screening interview on June 12th too. Not sure if I will be selected for the next round because I only have an ADN versus a BSN, and due to the vast amount of interviewers, but we will see how it goes! Good luck to everyone!
  3. lekina27

    RN to BSN OHSU or WSUV

    Hello! I will be graduating from Clark College's ADN program this June. I would like to do a RN to BSN program and have gotten accepted to Washington state university- Vancouver and OHSU. Both are online programs. I've been comparing the two: WSUV- 30 credits total OHSU- 36 credits plus an additional 15 credits in non-nursing with an upper division level at another college/ university. OHSU would cost a bit more due to the additional 15 non-nursing credits and take a bit more time. My goal in the future is to get accepted to either a Master's or DNP program after completing the BSN degree. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?