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  1. Planners

    The Happy Planner from Hobby Lobby or Michaels! It's an awesome planner that is very comparable to the Erin Condren. You can get for under $20 if you use the 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby. I've been using it since I started nursing school and it ha...
  2. HesiA2 Grand Canyon

    Level 3 is is the 3rd semester of GCU's nursing program.
  3. HesiA2 Grand Canyon

    Yes I did last summer! I'm currently in level 3.
  4. HesiA2 Grand Canyon

    The 3rd addition Admission Assessment Exam Review by Elsevier. It's the purple and white book. I bought mine from Barnes & Noble but you can probably get it cheaper from Amazon. It was the only book I used and I passed. Make sure you actually rea...
  5. Any GCU Fall 2014 Hopefuls???

    Your inbox is full so I can't send you a message!
  6. NM Nurses and Nursing Students: SFCC vs CNM?

    I'll message you some more info.
  7. NM Nurses and Nursing Students: SFCC vs CNM?

    SFCC or any accelerated programs in NM?
  8. Congratulations!
  9. I was just accepted into my program

    Congratulations! The 24 months will fly by before you even know it! Use all your time now to spend with family and friends because once you are in the program, all your time will be used for studying!
  10. Applying to GCU nursing school

    Hi! I'm currently in my 3rd level of the program! I applied last summer with a 3.5 GPA and I think an 88 overall average on the HESI. I know some students were accepted with 3.3 GPA. So far the program is going pretty good. I remember getting my acce...
  11. GCU Applicants for Spring'16

    It's a lot of work but so far going great!
  12. GCU Applicants for Spring'16

    I'm happy you applied again! Sending you good luck!
  13. Best planner for nursing school?

    I purchased a Happy Planner by Create 365/Me and My Big Ideas. It is sold at Hobby Lobby and you can use the 40% off coupon so it comes out to be about $14. It's such deal and so cute! The weekly spreads are vertical and separated by morning , aftern...
  14. Acceptance into program

    Congratulations on your acceptance! Last summer I was in the same position as you were. I worked my butt off for the fall and spring semesters. Finally my efforts paid off and I will be starting nursing school next month! Keep the hard work up!
  15. Grand Canyon University ABQ

    Thanks and congrats to you too!!! I think the administration staff on here move post around, not sure though. Yes I'll see you at orientation! Have you come up with any questions for the webinar?