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  1. jmariel

    NNAS experience?

    Does anybody have any experience with NNAS? So far, I've read the site but it would be great to hear from people who have gone through the process :)
  2. jmariel

    NNAS - LPN or RN

    Hi Glady! How is your NNAS process going? I'm from manitoba :) what made you decide to apply for LPN instead of RN? :)
  3. jmariel

    Taking the NLE

    Thank you for the advice? Where did you review? :)
  4. Oops, I might have read one of their descriptions wrong. What do they mean by " NNAS is a partnership of Canadian nursing regulatory bodies (except Quebec and the Territories)." ?
  5. Hello! I just want to share. I heard that if you plan on working in Quebec, you must work there for at least 2 years before moving to another province. But, this is just from what I have heard so I cannot guarantee that this is 100% true. I suggest you look into everything before you move and not just rely on your agency for all the information :) I also suggest that you check out the NNAS website. You do not have to go through it if you plan to work in Quebec, but if you plan to work in another province you must apply to the NNAS. I suggest you read the website it is very informative :)
  6. jmariel

    Taking the NLE

    thank you everyone for your help :)