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    When is being understaffed too much?

    Wow...this is a nightmare waiting to happen. I would refuse to be held responsible for multiple patients of this nature. Not a safe situation at all.
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    Open Fracture During CPR

    That would be traumatizing to observe
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    going to a job fair in scrubs?

    I would definitely take the time to go home, shower and change into business/professional attire. At the very least I would go home and freshen up and change clothes. Most of us don't look our best after a night shift, I know I don't. Remember.....you only get one chance to make a first impression :)
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    Should urine catheterization hurt?

    I dreaded catheterization more than anything when I went into labor. I knew that I would have to have that procedure done as my baby was breech and I was having a c-section. Personally, I find it to be one of the most uncomfortable procedures ever. I've had a few surgeries and generally have a very high pain threshold but I absolutely hate catheterizations.
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    What did I do wrong?

    On my phone anyway, I hit the "reply" button then when that box opens I hit the "reply" button a second time and then the quote/post I am responding to appears. Figured it out kind of by trial and error. Hope that helps :)
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    Open your nursing books.....that's what they're for. Once you have a theory, get back with us and we'll be happy to advise :)
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    RN-BSN is done:)

    Congratulations! That's a big accomplishment :)
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    New nurse no training?

    This sounds very shady.... I hope it works out for you, but definitely proceed with caution. If you aren't provided with what you need to feel that you can safely carry out the assignment, then look elsewhere for a job. I know the job market's tough right now, but you don't want to ruin your career when it's just taking off by unintentionally harming someone because you weren't properly trained. And I think a 7 days/week schedule for a month straight is too much. I do not have experience with home health, but as an experienced ICU nurse, I wouldn't feel comfortable taking this position. Just my opinion.
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    CNA - Any thoughts on pre-occupying a dementia patient?

    Agree with pp's. You are NOT going to convince them of the current time or place or snap them out of their fog. You will exhaust yourself and likely anger them. Remember, their thoughts and their mind ARE their reality. I believe it is kinder to let them live in "their" reality versus trying to force them to live in ours, as they are truly not capable of doing so. Trying to convince or force them only instills fear and uncertainty in them, which can then manifest into hostility and uncooperativeness. Can you imagine someone trying to convince you that it's 2056 and your closest, dearest relatives have since passed, you no longer are a nurse and that man with a white beard visiting you is indeed your grandson? You'd be baffled, confused and scared. Dementia and Alzheimer's are such tragic diseases. They literally strip a person of their core, their personality and their essence. It steals their memories and their ability to think rationally. These unfortunate souls deserve our kindness.
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    Charge nurse needing suggestions!

    I have never been in a full time charge position, although I have worked as a charge nurse in my unit on occasion. I have also witnessed what can happen when there is no long-term management. My unit has experienced a revolving door when it comes to leadership and I've seen how it leads to feelings of unease and uncertainty for staff. They sense when their concerns are brushed off by a manager who has one foot out the door and therefore has no real interest in the future of the place. They don't feel supported, they're trying to constantly adjust to changes and the unit tends to lose it's sense of cohesiveness. You're in a tough spot but I think that with consistency and time, the staff nurses will begin to feel more supported and trusting and that will hopefully spurn them into being a team player. In the meantime, I would be firm, fair and consistent. I think you will earn their respect by doing so and when they see that you aren't going anywhere and are invested in them and the unit, they'll be more likely to do whatever they can to help out and make the unit the best it can be. This is just my perspective; it may not be what's going on with your unit. Good luck!
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    New Nurse Proverbs.

    In error
  12. Side note.....I would be livid if I discovered a coworker gave my home phone number out. Although most people I work with know better than to do something like this, there are a few I'm not so sure about based on other questionable decisons they have made
  13. I agree...my immediate thought when I picked up my home phone and heard who it was would be, "How did this person get my number?!?" It would creep me out to wonder what lengths they went to do so. My next step would be to check and make sure all my doors and windows were locked and all my blinds closed!
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    Finally able to tell my son "yes"

    That's awesome! Congrats to you as well! Yes, even when we don't realize it, our kids are always watching and listening and learning from us. You are setting your son up to learn great values - hard work and perisistence. When I had my second child, I developed serious cardiac issues and at the time didn't know what my future would hold. My son, who was elementary aged at the time naturally heard all of us adults talking about it and of course, I had explained to him why mommy had had to go back to stay in the hospital after his sibling was born (in a way appropriate for his age). One day while jumping on the trampoline, he stopped and said, "Mommy, I will give you my heart so you'll feel better." I had to walk away I was so emotional. It nearly ripped my heart out. The innocence and giving nature of children is one of the best, most miraculous parts of life.
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    This Job is Scary!!!

    It is normal to feel nervous and second guess yourself when first starting out. It's just the process of learning and developing your critical thinking skills. The newer nurses that scare me are the over-confident, never ask questions, too sure of themselves ones. The ICU is an intense environment and I still question my decisions and actions...there is always something new to learn and immersing yourself in those new opportunities will add to your knowledge and you'll begin to feel more confident in yourself. Nursing involves life-long learning. No one ever knows it all.
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    this is getting old

    Haha! Your very welcome! :) The patient I was referring to in my earlier post literally made me want to tear my hair out. I had never before dealt with her personality, or should I say, personalities. She was, by far, the most difficult patient I have ever encountered to this day. And not in a physical manner; it was completely exhausting for me mentally and I called upon every therapeutic technique I'd ever learned to deal with her. For me, mental exhaustion is way worse than physical exhaustion and this patient had me feeling chewed up, spit out and then stomped on! Although it was interesting to see the traits displayed of disorders I had only learned/read about, I don't think I would last a week as a psych nurse. So again, thank you for the job you do and do well! :)
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    Patient abandonment

    Do you mind providing more detail on the situation and reason you decided to leave? It's difficult to give useful feedback not knowing the circumstances, but glad to hear it worked out for you.
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    this is getting old

    I just want to say that I am so thankful there are nurses like you who care for psych patients. My two or three worst shifts ever involved me caring for psych patients. The absolute worst shift I ever had ended with me telling the charge nurse that if I was assigned to that patient again when I came back in that evening, I was turning around and leaving. Yes-I know this could be grounds for termination, yet I did not care. That's how bad it was. I think it takes an amazing personality to deal with this population and I wish I did a better job at it. So, know that you are very appreciated in my opinion :)
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    Another nurse tried to get me in trouble

    Yep, don't frustrate yourself with things you cannot control (how others choose to act). If you feel confident that you took appropriate care of the patient then your actions will back you up. I know it's worrisome to be in a situation such as yours, but keep your head held high and continue doing a good job. Some people are just jerks - plain and simple.
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    Pain medication and the dying patient

    I can believe that it took two hours for the nurse to contact the physician, get the order, pharmacy to process the order and the patient to finally be administered the drug. Personally, I don't think this time frame is excessive and I've had patients have to wait much longer than that, unfortunately. I think the problem stems from the fact that the patient's pain (or possibility of) should have been addressed PRIOR to the patient developing the need to be medicated for it. As this was apparently a terminally ill, comfort care patient, why was this not addressed when admission orders were obtained? Someone didn't think ahead and realize that a diagnosis such as his could be expected to cause pain. It wouldn't have hurt to have a prn pain med ordered even if he didn't end up needing it.
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    Do you carry around your stethoscope?

    Thank you!!!
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    Experiences w/Recruiters (Hospital)

    Yes, I think since you did interview and then left 2 messages to follow-up, the professional thing for the recruiter to do would be quickly return your call. I understand they cannot call back hundreds of people but just ignoring those who do call to check on status is just rude
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    tattoos and nursing, yay or nay

    It depends on where you work. Although I think your tattoo idea and meaning behind it is beautiful, remember that unfortunately people do judge others on their appearance. Although this isn't fair, it's reality. Just think it through, you're still very young and you have to weigh the importance of getting your tattoo versus possibly limiting your career opportunities in the future. If it's small and you can cover it easily with a sleeve or watch, I don't see why it would be an issue.
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    Experiences w/Recruiters (Hospital)

    I feel the same as you OP, even if I am not offered the position, I would appreciate at least an e-mail notifying me. I know this isn't always how things are done, but it just seems inconsiderate to me to, as though I'm not even important enough to let know that I didn't get the job, lol! I'm a tie up my loose ends, button everything up, plan ahead kind of person, so maybe that's why I feel this way.
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    Can I escape my checkered nursing past?

    Yes, actions such as this speak volumes as to one's character. I don't quite understand how this decision/action fits with a great work ethic. Hopefully you've learned something from this, but it doesn't sound like it. Not to be harsh, but please consider a career where your poor judgment doesn't have the capability to produce disastrous results for another human being.

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