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  1. NMC Test Online

    Hey I am in exactly the same boat as you! I am booked in to take the CBT in August, not leaving until July 2016 though. I am currently going through CCM recruitment. I am using the Royal Marsden and the blueprint at this stage. Let me know if you hav...
  2. Finding a job in London

    Thanks Silverdragon, Would you recommend looking for jobs once I'm over there as opposed to joining a recruitment agency here in Australia?
  3. Finding a job in London

    I am a graduate nurse in Australia, currently working in Hematology/Oncology. I am moving to London next year and am in the process of registering with the NMC. I would like to know about the best way to find work for someone who will have just arriv...
  4. Registration for Australian nurses

    I completed my undergraduate course in Australia and am mid way through my grad year looking to apply for my UK registration next year. Wondering if anyone has any advice on the whole procedure. Particularly whether the clinical hours completed at un...
  5. Australian wanting to work in USA

    Hello, I am an RN currently in my grad year. I have a few questions about the process of finding work in the us. - Is it advisable to use a recruitment agency to assist with everything or are the fees / being placed in a contract not worth it - I di...