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  1. CNO- RN Nursing education

    I'm also in the same boat. I wanted to go for the Ontario IEN course consortium progran but I missed the application deadline May 29th. I'm now considering the OSCE eventhough I will be out of safe RN practice by then.
  2. NNAS experience?

    Okay, thanks for your response.
  3. NNAS experience?

    Okay, I just called customer service and got some of my questions answered. I was told they only accept credit card payments and I should skip the employment form.
  4. NNAS experience?

    Thank you RN_Pro for the wonderful information, I have two more questions:1) Does NNAS accept visa debit for online payment or credit card only? 2) Has anyone ever applied to NNAS straight out of nursing school before? I have already contacted CNO re...
  5. NNAS experience?

    Are the next steps dependent on school of nuring and country where educated, I was educated in the Caribbean, some persons from my country got comparable also.
  6. NNAS experience?

    Hi, can anyone tell me what are CNO's next steps for an applicant who gets a 'somewhat comparable' result from nnas?
  7. According to research, when a person dies the hearing is the last to go. So is it possible she could have heard her husband's voice? You wouldn't have lied then! You are a kind wonderful nurse who is being to hard on herself but I know how you feel.
  8. According to research, when a person dies the hearing is the last to go. Could she have heard her husband's voice? Then you wouldn't have lied!
  9. Jamaican Educated RN Registered in Ontario, Canada?

    Thank you Silverdragon102 for your response, Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am actually an enrolled nurse(LPN) in my country for eight years now as well a current BScN student. I have applied to CNO for RPN registration in 2011 and I have passed t...
  10. Hello everyone, I am a newbie! Are there any Jamaican nurses here that did their BScN program at UWISON Jamaica and got registration in Ontario? Did CNO accept your credentials after they was assessed? And what was the registration process like? I am...